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Frozen Halloween

January 31, 2015

Like nearly every other preschool/school-aged girl in America, Lilly was dying to be Queen Elsa from Frozen for Halloween.  Luckily, Eleanor didn’t yet possess the words to object, and she made the cutest little princess Anna.  Jason and I filled in as Kristoff and Olaf.  As a happy coincidence, at least 3/4 of those characters dress appropriately for late October in Michigan.









My mom was kind enough to sew the girls costumes, and she totally knocked it out of the park.  Little Anna’s costume especially.  I also love this soft white robe that she made for Queen Elsa — the little ice queen needed something to keep her warm!



I pieced together Olaf from some hot glue, felt, and pipe cleaners. And Jason’s encino Kristoff costume didn’t turn out quite as cute as planned, but it did the job for a cold cold cold Halloween evening. We managed to trick-or-treat in the super-cold weather for about 45 minutes before Lilly called it quits. I ended up wearing tiny princess Anna in a wool wrap under my down coat, so the two of us were quite cuddly and warm. Lilly’s Elsa dress fit two layers (one fleece) underneath, so she stayed warm for a while, too. Both kids were thrilled to eat their spoils once we returned from trick-or-treating. And I was thrilled to steal at least 3/4 of their candy for my own enjoyment once they were sleeping. 🙂


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