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Pittsburgh, Apples, and how we grocery shop

January 23, 2015

Whew!  I’m on a roll here with this blogging thing, aren’t I? 🙂

We travelled to Pittsburgh at the end of September for a friend’s wedding, and had the added bonus that Jason’s parents met us there!  It was really great to see them (and so great to get two date nights in a row! not to mention the awesome hour and a half nap that J, Eleanor, and I snuck in while Grammy and Poppy took Lil to lunch.  I don’t even remember the last time I napped, but it felt soooooo luxurious.)


The rehearsal dinner was at the MLB park in Pittsburgh, and the wedding was downtown.  It was a gorgeous wedding — the flowers were A.MAZ.ING — but I neglected to take photos.  BAAAAADDD blogger.



The girls (especially Lilly) were SO HAPPY to see Grammy and Poppy.  SO HAPPY.  They had a blast!  So thanks to Gram and Pop for giving J and I some time to ourselves and to hang out with friends.

A fall tradition we couldn’t pass by this year was picking apples.  (And by tradition, I mean this is the second year we’ve gone, and I am probably going to make us go every year so that it really truly turns into a tradition.)  We managed to find a sunny day when the orchard was surprisingly not crowded, and we did a pretty good job finding not fully ripe apples and putting them in the bag.  We also did a good job of sampling an apple or two.  Or more.

But more than apples, this trip is really actually about me taking a million photos. Not all of them turned out amazing (I’m blaming the bright midday sun and my uncertainty about how to deal with it), but the pictures of the girls sharing an apple are just so sweet. And this happened totally unprompted, and at a moment in time when Eleanor wasn’t showing much interest in chewing/swallowing, so it was extra thrilling to see her interest in Lilly’s freshly picked apple.















The last two photos were taken at the apple picking farm in a small shed that housed a few goats and a miniature horse. Lilly was excited, then nervous about them (the goats got up in her face and were very loud). Eleanor screamed, terrified the minute we set foot in the barn.


And finally, I found this picture from one of our grocery store adventures, and the family historian in me thought I should mention the everyday fun that is the grocery store. We are simultaneously the best and worst in the grocery store. Both children are quick to identify Oreos (Eleanor also reliably picks veggie straws) and ask to place them in the cart. I love Oreos (and they’re one of very few dairy free cookies at the grocery store), so I agree. Lilly, who is usually in the back of the cart, cracks them open. Eleanor, who begins most grocery trips in the Ergo, squeals and rubs her tummy (sign language for “please”) until I place her in the cart next to Lilly. The two of them proceed to share many -MANY- Oreos, until this mean mama puts the kabosh on their fun. This arrangement is the best because: the kids are so quiet and well-behaved in the grocery store! I can concentrate on making sure I get everything on my list! And how sweet is it that they sit in the cart, sharing and talking and giggling together?!

And this arrangement is the worst because: I feel strange/guilty?/wrong? about opening items before they’re paid for and also this arrangement leaves fewer Oreos for me. Oh. And maybe I should be teaching them self-control by making them wait until later for the cookies? Sigh.

(Also, re: the dress: Lilly will only wear dresses at this point.  One day in December she told me, “From now on, I will only wear the sparkly clothes.”  Luckily, she has broken that, because she has only a few sparkly things.  But she is AAAAALLLLL about dresses, preferably long ones that twirl — her current faves are Hanna Andersson twirl dresses, and her favorite tights are thick Gap tights with sparkly stars or stripes on them.)


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  1. January 24, 2015 8:52 pm

    Don’t know what happened to the pics in the little shed but all I got were numbers. no goats or horses!

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