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July 4th (only a month late on this update, guys!)

August 11, 2014

Making progress on ye olde family story. 🙂

This summer we decided to undertake another major remodeling project — we removed the flooring on our first floor and had hardwood floors installed instead.  Well, by “we” I really mean “Jason removed the flooring on the first floor”.  The girls and I went to Nanee and Grandpa’s house to avoid the mess. (Leaving Jason alone in the house for the 4th. I don’t know if I felt sad for him — alone on a holiday — or totally jealous — what is 8 hours of solid sleep like?)

And also, we went to see one of my fave high school friends who was in town from Utah!

And also, Uncle Robby was in town, so how could we miss that?


So we went, and we dressed in our best red, white, and blue, and watched the parade.  Lilly is still a bit timid with the candy, but we made out decently anyways.  Once again this year, I was all, “WHERE ARE THE FLOATS!?”  I mean, I liked the candy, but it was just group after group of kids throwing candy, a few church groups with popsicles, two marching bands, a dance troupe, and old cars.  We for sure needed some festively decorated trailers, some chicken wire and TP creations, and the random strange vehicle to celebrate our country’s independence.  I feel like I complain about this every year, and one of these years I’m just going to need to devise a reason to enter a parade and make one myself.  I hope pinterest will be able to supply me with some good ideas when the time comes.

After the parade, a little pool party at Nanee’s!  I feel like I missed half the party when I was putting E down for her nap, but Lilly sure had an awesome time swimming with everyone and anyone who would get in the pool with her!!


And we rounded out the night with a visit to grandma and grandpa great’s lake house.  The Yacht club has a party every year, and we took the girls over for a few games.  I remember going to this party every year when I was a kid, so it was fun to take the girls.  Also: they had a bounce house, and Lilly, who had just learned to jump the month before (and now JUMPS EVERYWHERE OVER EVERY LINE AND CRACK) was in bounce house heaven.  She even impressed (and terrified!) me by taking on the big kids bounce house — I didn’t know if she’d be able to do the climbing, and I was worried that she’d get knocked over and hurt by one of the bigger kids in the bounce house.  She seems to have a pretty good idea of what she can handle, though, and I don’t like second guessing her abilities, so I said “go for it!” during a particularly calm moment in the bounce house.


When we returned to my grandparents house, it was nearly time for fireworks!  Lil curled up on Auntie Ashley’s lap for the fireworks.  I think she liked them at first, and then wasn’t quite sure about how loud they were.  (The same thing happened during the fireworks at Cinderella’s castle – the first few were cool, after that, not so much).


We enjoyed the rest of our weekend in Milwaukee, but as usual, it went too fast.  We spent the day after the fourth on the lake watching Uncle Trevor sail. I made the world’s creepiest cake so that we could celebrate Lil’s birthday with my family. She had seen one of those barbie cakes in the grocery store and requested it since it was so very obviously a PRINCESS CAKE AND SHE LOVES PRINCESSES. So that was my plan, only I did not prepare for this AT ALL, and my grandma and I were unable to find those little doll tops on such short notice in the town nearest to their lake home. My grandma did find this doll in the basement, though, so we went with it. Lilly was thrilled. But it is admittedly not my best work. Creepiest cake EVER! 🙂




We visited the zoo with my high school BFFs and their kiddos.  It was soooo fun.  My love for the Milwaukee Zoo is no secret… and sharing the zoo with old friends is even better!



After our busy zoo day, we headed back to Michigan.  Our trip back was the WORST TRIP YET, with Elli P starting in on the crazy crying at the halfway point, me stopping at every other exit to figure out what was happening in the back seat, her giggling as soon as I pulled her from the car seat and then screaming when I put her back into the car seat.  Repeat for the next 1.5 hours.  And that is when I gave the ipad to the baby.  And she stopped crying and watched Frozen, and five minutes later she fell asleep.  CUE BIG SIGH OF RELIEF from yours truly.

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  1. Nanee permalink
    August 11, 2014 11:01 am

    We loved having you here! It was a great weekend!!!

  2. August 11, 2014 11:30 am

    Can’t wait till you come again!

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