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Happy Graduation, mama bear

August 6, 2014

My mama bear has been working extra hard these past few years — not only is she working, keeping up with her kids and grandkids, but she’s also been taking a full college courseload on top of it (and getting straight A’s!).  We are all really proud of her for checking off this bucket list item!!! 140607untitled11708.jpg

(Not only do I post twice in the same week, but I feature super-insane photos of myself!  What a treat!)

We celebrated with a tiny get together.  It’s rare enough that all 3 of my siblings and I are together with my parents and grandparents these days that we hoped surprising mama bear with all of her little chickens for a weekend would be party enough for such a momentous occasion. So the girls and I packed up and headed to Milwaukee for a weekend in June!  These kids are so amazing in the car.  Really. 140606untitled11645.jpg   EP had her first boat ride while we watched their Uncle Trevor race his sailboat.  She was not really impressed that the lifejacket was blocking her pretzel-eating abilities.  Luckily she fell asleep on the boat, or I think she may have been too annoyed with the jacket to last very long on the boat. 140607untitled11696.jpg   The girls had lots of quality time with aunt Ashley and the uncles, Nanee, Grandpa, and the GREATs (two gramma greats and a grandpa great!).  Lilly was particularly smitten with my grandma’s fairy garden and climbed her little self up on a narrow garden ledge to play with it.  I didn’t catch her up there the first time and was SO PUZZLED as to why (how?) the tiny fairy furniture and rocks were all moved around. 140607untitled11704.jpg   Lilly’s DIY haircut is pretty apparent in the above picture.  She grabbed and cut and grabbed and cut some more, all on the back right side of her little head.  I know you’re all, “and why are you leaving a three year old unsupervised with scissors?”  And for that, I have no good response other than, IT TAKES ONLY A SECOND.  Turn my head to look at Eleanor and CHOP! her hair is gone.  And actually, she cut a piece of MY hair, too, so that should be an indication of her speed.  (I was on the floor playing with El and she was combing my hair… two seconds later – SNIP – and I’m all “Did you just cut my hair?!” and I probably giggled since it was so random and unexpected, and FYI: laughing does not get the “don’t do that again” point across very clearly.  At least she was sweet about it — “Mommy, it feels better now!”  which is exactly what I was telling her the night before when I trimmed her hair in the bath — her hair would feel better and be easier to comb once I trimmed the curly little knots out of it!  So silly!)

Also, this baby. 140607untitled11710.jpg 140608untitled11743.jpg   These are my two fave pictures ever of my grandpa and the girls.  He looks like he’s actually smiling here, though I can assure you he is probably saying something because he doesn’t like to smile for pictures – he likes to talk right through them! 🙂 140608untitled11751.jpg   This baby is so sweet and cuddly!  In May/June she started really signaling that she wanted to be picked up (holding out her arms!) and leaning her head into you to cuddle, and it is just the best. thing. ever. because in that moment, I think that *maybe* she likes me as much as I like her. 140612untitled11761.jpg 140612untitled11767.jpg   We did manage to get some swimming in at Nanee and Grandpa’s house!  Lilly is a little fish, and luckily Nanee was happy to get in and swim with her (or “boat” around the pool on a raft). 140612untitled11774.jpg   Oh yes.  And she scrunches her nose now.  Can she get any cuter?  I mean, I know I’m biased, but really… that scrunched nose KILLS me. 140612untitled11777.jpg

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