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Spring 2014

August 5, 2014

A few of you have mentioned that my blog is dead.  Well, it’s summer break,  so no course prep for me after the kids are asleep… why not try to breathe a little life into ye old blog!?! (with a crazy, rambling post!)

The only problem is that my memory has been wiped completely clear.  This is probably what happens when it’s been nearly a year since the last time you actually slept a solid 8 hours.  Spring, as a whole, was fairly rough for us on the sleep front.  Elli still wakes several times each night and she’s so very tiny still that I have no intention of night weaning her anytime soon… anything we can do to get a few more calories in my still-too-small-for-the-charts baby!  Lil has also been waking more, sometimes inconsolable (nightmares?), sometimes WIDE AWAKE AT 4AM (these nights she will finally fall back to sleep around 6am, when we’re ready to get up for the day).  We may have worked out a solution, but I’m not blogging about it until I’m sure.  Don’t want to jinx things too soon.



These girls are growing so fast!  I don’t want to blink or I might miss something!



Lilly has gotten so hilarious and imaginative.  She sings nonstop, often made up songs with elaborate hand gestures.  We have entire conversations in song.  Actually, if I can’t convince her to do something with words, song can usually persuade her.  There is a constant soundtrack to our lives – it’s ongoing, and the verses change as what we do changes.  “Please will you use the pottttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”  Seems to get more cooperation than just saying it, so I go with it.  Gotta put those voice lessons mom and dad gave me in 7th grade to good use somehow… 🙂



Her giggle is so sweet, and she’s quiet expressive.  Of course, her tiny sister also has a very sweet giggle — and no one can make tiny sister giggle like Lilly can.  The two of them together are so sweet, probably the best sound I’ve ever heard.



Eleanor is getting so big.  She happily sits and plays/explores toys for longer and longer every day.  She’s been paying more attention to her surroundings — the dogs and her sister are her obvious faves.

Spring brought visits from Nanee (twice), Trevor, and Grandpa, who collaborated on a giant play structure in the back yard.  Jason keeps adding to the structure, and the girls really love playing on the swings and up in the “princess castle”.  (Have I mentioned that EVERYTHING at my house is princesses lately?)



I had a conference for work the day before Easter, so our Easter festivities were small – just the four (six, counting dogs!) of us.  We dressed and went to church, took the obligatory family phot, had a small egg hunt in the yard (note to self: do NOT put chocolate candy in the eggs… such a melty messy mess), and did some things around the yard (cleaning out the garden with the baby strapped to my back).






Yes, EVERYTHING here is princesses.  Not a day goes by that SOMEONE in my house is wearing a crown and glittery get up.  Jason has even been a willing participant in these shenanigans, and FYI: he looks fab in a crown.  When asked, “what do princesses do?”  Lilly responds “sing” and then there is more singing.  I’m totally cool with princesses who sing.



We took a field trip to Grand Rapids to check out the butterfly exhibit at the botanical gardens.  We prepared by reading butterfly books, making tissue paper butterflies, and acting out the life cycle of the butterfly.  Lil was really impressed by all of the butterflies flying around and continually asked about them landing on her.



Given that toddlers are totally movement-prone, we didn’t expect that any would land on her, but we did tell her that it was a possibility if she sat very still.  And! A butterfly did land on her!  She was obviously freaked out in the moment, but to this day, she will proudly tell anyone that a PAINTED JEZEBEL BUTTERFLY LANDED ON HER DRESS! when asked about her butterfly visit.  (It wasn’t actually a painted Jezebel, but some sort of Zebrawing, and how exciting that I now know the difference between these two and also that butterflies make CHRYSALIS’ — NOT COCOONS.  It’s like I’m homeschooling myself here, folks!)



The highlight of the day for EP was most definitely the tea set at the children’s garden.  I put her in one of the child-sized chairs and she was obviously SO SO thrilled to be included in the big kids games.  You can see it on her face — she was just so happy.



Another big fave around these parts is “tiny baby” – an imaginary game in which Lilly puts on her baby sister’s clothes, pops in a paci, and begs to be put in the crib.  It’s quite funny since she never did sleep in that crib when she was a tiny baby.  We are still thinking about working on putting our actual baby in the crib, but she still wakes a million times a night and I am too tired/lazy to deal with this.  (Also, sleep training and laying flat on her back are not options at this point thanks to reflux and slow weight gain!)



Have I mentioned that princesses are all the rage here?  Thank goodness baby E is a good sport!  Poor little thing!


The girls and I usually go swimming once/week.  It’s been a fun activity that we can all do together.  Both girls seem to LOVE the water, and once strapped into her little froggy jacket, Lilly is totally independent in the water.  I keep El strapped in a water sling for most of our time in the pool — that way, she can splash with her hands, but I still have two hands to rescue big sis if she needs help.  (Of course, the lifeguard on duty could help if she REALLY gets into trouble!)


And finally, late in May, this one started waving.  If it’s not the CUTEST THING EVER, I don’t know what is.  Here we are swimming at our friends house (I take the girls swimming at least once/week), but this kid will wave ANYWHERE and at ANYONE.  I am sure we’ve made a few random people’s days this way, and probably confused others.  It’s really sweet, though.  She is turning out to be such a sweet little thing!


And that is our spring — or what I remember of it — complete with too many unedited photos.  Man, TIME JUST NEVER STOPS MOVING, does it?  Hopefully I’ll be back before long with updates of our summer vacay and birthdays!


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  1. Debbie permalink
    August 6, 2014 6:09 pm

    So glad to send you blogging again!! I miss you all so much!

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