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Jason’s family visits

March 25, 2014

Jason’s family visited for a few days after E’s baptism. As I mentioned yesterday, I have very little memory for anything these days (7 months of sleep deprivation, I blame you!), but I do remember lots of happy chaos during our time together. Oh yes, and my daughter the ringleader told the other kids it was okay to draw on our walls. (thank goodness it came off easily!)



L & E are so lucky to have cousins that are so close in age – together there are 7 cousins, all under 7. And they played together wonderfully.


This was really the first time Lil was able to play with her older cousins – last Christmas she was only 18 months and she was sick for half of our time together. This year, though, she’s more interested in playing with other kids and she had SO much fun with them.


Elli P then got to meet all of her older cousins, including new cousin Mary who is only a few weeks older than she is. The babies were pretty cute together, and I caught them checking each other out quite a few times. It’s so amazing how different babies are — personality, stage of development, etc.  Even at only 4/5 months old, these two little babes were so very different.



Other happy memories from our few days together: there was real conversation with other adults (while the kids were upstairs drawing on the walls), Christmas presents, meals out, meals in, and sledding. A good time, indeed.



(And Elli P got in a photo or two in her christening gown with her godmother!)

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