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Eleanor’s baptism

March 25, 2014

I’m returning to this little neglected space, and its overwhelming. So much has happened since I left, and also, so little has happened since I left. Isn’t that life with little ones, though? Every minute seems to be simultaneously everything and nothing, important then forgotten. Life is full and (mostly) happy. I’m going to start with our little story where I left off, but I’m afraid it may be void of lots of cute and important-at-the-time details — not because I want to tell a boring story, but because I simply cannot remember anything. It’s sad, really… but I guess that’s at least 85% of why I write things here anyways… memories.

E was baptized the Sunday after Christmas. Not really a popular day for baptism, but we managed to find a time when both of our (scattered across the US) immediate families could (somewhat easily) be in Michigan. That is sort of an impressive feat, and most definitely one worthy of a special occasion. So, E was baptized.



We chose E’s aunt Brey & uncle Robby to be her godparents. Unfortunately, aunt Brey caught a terrible terrible stomach bug on the way to MI, so she wasn’t able to be at the baptism. She did cuddle E later in the week, though! And uncle Robby did a great job filling in, even though he looked waaaaaay nervous when I passed the baby to him to hold during the baptism.







After the baptism, we had a little lunch at our house. Somehow we crammed nearly 20 family members into our tiny house for pulled pork sandwiches and cake (thanks to my in-laws for picking up food for us to serve!) It was a quick and easy meal, but nice to have so much love for baby E in one place at one time!

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  1. March 26, 2014 4:52 pm

    such a beautiful baby!

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