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Christmas 2013

January 27, 2014

Is January over?  Yikes.  I’m back at work and life seems to be moving quicker than ever before.  I’ve been using all of my computer time for work, and actually trying to step away from the computer more when I’m not working, so blogging is likely to continue to be sporadic… like it always has been here! 🙂

We had an absolutely amazing, busy, wonderful, hectic, lovely holiday.  We were lucky enough to get to see BOTH of our immediate families at the end of December — amazing since everyone lives out of town (and in the case of Jason’s family are split between the East & West coasts!).

I took the girls to Milwaukee on the train.  It’s a 5.5 hour trip, which includes an hour and a half layover in Chicago.  They were great – Lil got a little freaked out just moments before we were to board the train, but once we were on it, she chatted excitedly and watched out the window for a solid hour before needing other activities.  Elli mostly slept.  I packed just a backpack for the three of us — I didn’t want to wrestle with more things than I could carry at one time.

We arrived in Milwaukee a week before Christmas, and spent lots of time hanging with family.  (Jason made the trip on Christmas Eve Eve, after work).  We spent a wonderful day with my grandparents, did some last minute shopping, and made Christmas cookies with my mom, sister, and grandma (good thing my sister was motivated because EVERY cookie I tried to make was a giant FAIL!).






On Christmas Eve, we played broomball with aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins.  Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like trash-talking your cousins’ broomball skills!  Baby E met my second cousin’s baby who is just two weeks younger than she is.




After broomball, we got dolled up and headed to church and then to my grandma’s house.  It was so amazing to have all of my dad’s family there together, especially as we’ve all gotten older and moved farther away from each other.



Santa made a special appearance and Lilly was SO excited!  “Santa brought me blue camera!”  She’d been writing Santa letters all December that went, “Dear Santa, please bring me blue camera.  And bring tiny camera for tiny baby Elli cause she’s tiny.”  So when Santa pulled the first package from his sack, Lilly said, “That’s tiny present for tiny baby Elli!”  And was equally pleased when Santa pulled a second package from his sack for her.  Unfortunately, Santa was unclear as to exactly which camera Lilly was talking about and picked up other cameras (one for her, one for E), so she was still mentioning the blue camera a few days later.






Christmas morning, we woke surprisingly late (I think it was after 9 before Lil woke) to a wonderful breakfast with my immediate family.  Then we opened presents!  Lilly was so happy to get a dress and baby carrier for the Bitty Baby doll she had gotten from my grandparents the night before!  Both girls were showered with gifts, which are really gifts for me, too, since it gives them more options of things to play with and more activities for us to do together.





We had lunch at my grandma’s house on Christmas day.  We played pass baby Elli and Lilly had a blast with all of her “new friends”.

The few days after Christmas were pretty quiet.  J and I went out on a date while my aunt, cousin, and mom babysat.  It was then that we discovered that baby E will not take a bottle… and we’ve been working on that ever since, with no luck.  We also took Lilly ice skating while Grandpa and auntie Ashley played with El.



And then Saturday following Christmas, we visited with my mom’s side of the family.  It’s always so fun to see lots of family that we don’t see often enough!  We had so much fun that we ended up leaving a bit later than anticipated…

131228untitled10327.jpgElli was super-into this cougar that was at my aunt’s house…

We ended up getting back to MI a bit late.  The girls slept for most of the ride, so we were able to make good time, but Lil was up so very late that night, which was only a problem because we had to get up early the next morning to baptize Elli. (How’s that for foreshadowing?!)

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