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stringing beads

December 13, 2013

Lest you think baby Elli is the only one benefiting from mama’s cheapness DIY skills, I present Lilly’s latest homemade toy: a dowel mounted on a wood block.


Thrilling, no?  Lilly seems to think so, which is good because putting beads on this dowel is a good way to use her fine motor skills.  And now that she’s mastered the dowel-in-a-block, we sometimes string beads on pipecleaners, too.  She hasn’t quite mastered that one, yet.

(Other activities for hand strength and fine motor skills that we’ve been working on: cutting with a scissors, and using a pipette or syringe to pour vinegar into baking soda.  I’m really enjoying the amount of concentration all of these activities require!)


And an in-depth tutorial, in case you want to make it yourself: sand down a wood block, drill a hole in it, insert a drop of glue & a dowel.  Tada!


You’ll also notice that we’ve entered the era of dressing-up.  “I want to wear my dress!” she says.  Sure, Lil!

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