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December 6, 2013

Oh, cruel Time.  You just keep moving, don’t you?

I have this feeling like someone pushed the fast forward button and I’d really just like to be on pause for a bit.

These girls are getting so. very. big.

Our days are so full, and they move so quickly.  E is now waking for much of the day, which is delightful.  She is such a sweet, easy, happy baby.  So many smiles and now giggles!  She is also VERY talkative – methinks she wants in on the action surrounding her.


At nearly 4 months, she’s still in 0-3 month clothes.  I’m sure she’s gaining weight pretty well, and she’s probably doubled her birth weight by now.  We had a strange stretch in October where I’m pretty sure that E was not very comfortable, I think due to some reflux — she had the characteristic back arching, spit up, crying, and wasn’t sleeping very deeply.  She’d vomit roughly once per day.  I cut dairy, then soy out of my diet and she seems to be feeling much better (still occasionally vomiting, though).  Do you know what has soy in it?  Pretty much every snack I want to eat and almost all meals out.  So the baby weight must be flying off now (I don’t care enough to actually step on a scale), but OH MAN I JUST WANT TO EAT AN OREO.  Luckily, we do a lot of cooking at home and a few easy substitutions (sunflower oil for vegetable oil, coconut aminos for soy sauce) have eliminated soy from our family meals.  It’s worth it to have a happy baby – we don’t eat THAT much packaged food anyways, and maybe it’s a good excuse to be more mindful of what we’re eating.


E still wakes at least once/night and usually cat naps during the day.  I think (hope?) that she’ll settle into more of a solid nap/sleep schedule soon — we’ve gotten a few solid afternoon naps & early bedtimes in the past week, but I’ve definitely jinxed myself now that I wrote it.


She ADORES her big sister.  She’s able to track big sister and the dogs around the room now, and will often smile big when one of them comes into view.  She stares at Lilly, though, watching her with a sweet little grin and often cooing sweetly at her.  She has also found her hands, and they are INCREDIBLE.  It’s too cute watching her stare at her hands as she moves them, opening her mouth wide to slowly draw them in, and then missing the target at the very last minute.  She’s getting better, though, and soon I bet she’ll be able to get her fingers to her mouth on the first try!


Lilly ADORES her tiny sister.  She’s constantly wanting to hold baby Elli’s hand, talk to her, show her toys, etc.  It’s really sweet.  Lilly’s been having some big emotions lately, (a handful of tantrums, I think, only it’s never clear exactly what she wants, she just has a big emotional outburst) and she will stop mid-crying to check on baby Elli, put a blanket on her, whatever.  It’s too sweet.  The big emotions are tough to witness, but usually stopped by just holding her and letting her do her thing.

These big emotions have been accompanied by big social leaps, too.  She’s now more attentive to what other kids are doing, and in September was even caught holding hands with a little boy she had just met and was playing with.  She is very clear about what she wants or doesn’t want, “I didn’t want you to do that, mama!”  She says “thank you” often and at unexpected times, and it’s really sweet.  She now is obsessed with helping, and wants to be involved in just about everything that’s going on.  She seems busier than ever.  And she often says, “I want to do it by myself” so we let her — she now makes her own peanut butter sandwiches, carrying all of the supplies to the table and then returning the dirty dishes to the sink when she’s done.  She “folds” her laundry with me, wipes up her messes herself, zips her zipper herself, puts her winter coat, hat & boots away herself, and just this week, she made holiday treats (chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles) all by herself.  In fact, we made an impromptu trip to MKE mid-November when our power was out for 4 days, and while we were there, Lil decided she was going to help my grandma make dinner and went ahead and pulled a little stool up to the kitchen counter.  The next night, she helped my mom cut strawberries with a crinkle cutter.


I peeked out the window one day to find her raking the dirt, ready to dump it in the wheelbarrow just like daddy.

Lilly loves singing and “rock shows” and often will sing songs she made up herself.  She’s also frequently a dog — it’s so ridiculous to see her lined up at the window with Barley and Jezebel, barking.  Or to hear her panting as she runs to the back door to give Jason a lick when he gets home.  Licking is one of few parent things that I just. cannot. handle. so I try to squirm away when she’s a dog… but poor baby Elli… I am not always able to scoop her away fast enough to avoid sister’s tongue.  Eww.  I am grossed out just thinking about it.  (Hands in drinking glasses is another parenting thing that I just can’t handle, but fortunately, she’s grown out of it).  She’s into imaginary games – covering the dogs with blankets and saying goodnight, going to the “store” — giving us a big “mwah” air kiss as she leaves the room, cooking in her kitchen, playing doctor and checking up on us, and her latest imaginary game involves wrapping up items that are laying around in her play silks and giving them to us.  Yesterday I was gifted a lemon — “what I always wanted!”  It’s so fun.


Food-wise, Lilly sometimes eats a lot, other times nothing.  I hear that’s what toddlers do, so we go with it.  Sleep-wise, she typically falls asleep on her own around 8pm and wakes around 8am, and seems to be back to sleeping through the night most nights.  She’s sleeping on her floor bed in her bedroom, so we usually wake to the pitter-patter of little toes… Jason usually grabs her and takes her back to her bed or the guest bed that he’s currently sleeping in. (We’re all about divide and conquer with our sleep these days… perhaps someday soon E will stop waking in the night and he can come back to our room!)  Lilly no longer naps, unless she’s at daycare.  Some days she’d probably like a nap around 4pm (wouldn’t we all?), but if she sleeps then she doesn’t go to bed until 10 or 11, and we’re done parenting by 7, so it’s not a great combo.  She’s potty trained but won’t initiate trips to the bathroom yet, so we still have the occasional accident when mom or dad forget to take her.

131112untitled9655.jpgThis is Lilly’s handiwork: both Barley and Elli covered in blankets, cuddling a “George” (monkey).

Our days seem to have a certain rhythm to them: wake up, eat, play/go on an adventure, eat, play a bit more, relax/read/watch an episode of Curious George, play until daddy comes home, eat dinner, play a tiny bit more/bathe, get ready for bed.  For whatever reason, it’s much easier to get out of the house by 9 than it is almost any other time of day.  So we visit the library, have playdates, run errands, whatever, in the morning.  We usually end up baking at least once/week – Lil loves to be in the kitchen.  And I try to prepare one new activity each week, although some of my ideas seem to go over MUCH better than others (her current fave is a toss up between cutting with a scissors and playing with the Christmas decor).  Our rotating toy selection seems to help, too, though I probably could be better about switching things up more often.


Snow is so exciting that we had to go outside in our pjs first thing in the morning!

Aaaaand, that’s where we’re at.  A little pause on the old VCR of life…  I am really, especially trying to savor this month so that the holidays haven’t disappeared in the blink of an eye.  That, and I’ll be back to work part-time in January, so I’m anticipating that things will only seem that much busier…

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  1. Grannygoodgoose permalink
    December 6, 2013 11:08 am

    Now you know why I say that about 5 years of my life in the early 6o’s is a complete blank! With three little ones at that time everyday was a challenge. Keep your chin up, It’ll get better. 🙂

  2. Danielle permalink
    December 17, 2013 3:58 pm

    Our new little girl had a protein allergy to milk and reflux :-(. It was awful! after 4 months, we had finally found a forumla to help her feel comfortable and gain weight. She is doing better now at 6 months, but lord that was a very rough beginning for us! I am glad Elli is doing well, as well as Lilly!

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