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Octahedron mobile

November 5, 2013

The second in the Montessori mobile series is the Octahedron, and this one was even easier/faster to make than the Munari.  Similar to the Munari, though, it did make me feel like I was doing a high school geometry project.



Super-easy directions can be found here, and since I used supplies left from the first mobile, I made this for the cost of three sheets of shiny paper (maybe a few dollars?).

I made the octahedrons shortly before our road trip to Milwaukee in October and hung them above the car seat for a bit of the drive.  Elli has really enjoyed studying these – probably even more than she’s enjoyed the Munari.



Truthfully, though, it’s been tricky to allow Elli time to herself to concentrate without mom or sister interrupting her!  Mom is always close when E is on the floor to make sure the dogs or big sister don’t squish her.  Big sister likes to lay down next to Elli and check out the mobile while holding her hand or kissing her or snuggling her.  It really is sweet!  But it’s definitely a struggle to make sure to give each kid what they need – Lilly’s need to belong and be part of the family, including caring for and loving on her sister, and Elli’s need to have moments of quiet concentration to figure out what this world is all about and develop her attention span.


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