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Pumpkin picking!

November 4, 2013

One of my fave fall traditions is taking a trip to a pumpkin farm to pick the *perfect* pumpkins to turn into jack-o-lanterns.  And, of course, taking the *perfect* photos of the event is key.  Especially since we do all this fun stuff that the kids will NEVER remember.  So, pictures will have to substitute.  SEE KIDS!  WE HAD FUN!


It was a bit chilly and rainy on our planned pumpkin day, but we got lucky with a break in the clouds and temporary slowing of the wind.


Lilly loved pulling the wagon and picking out the pumpkins.  She was actually fairly selective with her choices and went in search for three big pumpkins for mama, daddy, and Lilly June and a “tine pumpkin for tine baby Elli” (her idea – not ours… she’s constantly on the lookout for tiny things for baby Elli, making tiny cookies for baby Elli, and playing tiny rock shows for baby Elli).



The cows were also fun to watch – but Lilly made sure not to get too close.


Elli slept through our entire visit, snuggled up on my chest until I insisted on taking some photos with her in them so she’d know she was along for the fun.




We waited a week to carve (two of) the pumpkins…  I took the girls on an impromptu trip to MKE to visit the fam again while Jason worked a week of 12+ hour days (boo work!).  I actually took NO pictures that week, which is a bummer because there were some cute moments of Elli staring at my grandpa, listening to his voice.  Elli also giggled and hooted at my grandma the baby whisperer, and she took a long nap on my other grandma.  Lilly had fun wrestling grandpa, playing with uncle Trev, and having a REAL tea party with REAL TEA at Nanee’s work.  Also, I got to go shopping and found some amazing pants that fit my post-baby body, and Nanee and Grandpa took care of Lilly while I slept for almost 12 hours (waking only to feed Elli).  A good week and once again, the girls were AMAZING travelers — only one stop on the 4 hour drive, and I only had to pacify Lilly with movies on the ipad for about 20 min each way.

Jason carved two of the pumpkins, and Lilly painted the other two.  I haven’t even taken photos of the finished product, but let me assure you that they’re nothing too fancy.

We thought Lilly might be into playing in the pumpkin guts, but she was not.  She took a few scoops out of the pumpkin and then was happy to watch mom and dad finish the job.



I really wanted to take a photo of our littlest pumpkin inside of a pumpkin, but she was just too big (or the pumpkin was just too small).  Oh well… I’m sure there will be many other opportunities to torture her with creative photography in the future. 🙂


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