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dotty bathrobe

October 2, 2013


Many many moons ago, I decided Lilly would need a beach/swimming robe for the summer.  I saw this post and decided to go for it (the post links to a pattern for the robe, but I used an oversized rain jacket as the pattern sizing for the robe and then sewed the sleeves & body as shown in the post.  I ran out of fabric before getting to make a tie, so my robe has a large button & elastic loop at the top to keep it together).  I used a beach towel from JoAnn Fabrics and it took just a short time (with an awesome helper) to sew.

Lilly sat on the floor and pinned the fabric into the carpet for about an hour and a half, during which time I got most of the robe cut & sewn.  After a while, she was putting all of the blue-headed pins in one dot, the red-headed pins in another, etc.  We’ve done a few more pinning activities since — pinning into paper seems especially fun.


So that was June.  And she refused to actually put the robe on until our most recent beach adventure in September.  Toddlers!!  Apparently two-year olds are entitled to opinions.  Like when she tells me she wants to wear a dress – not pants/shorts.

Or like last week, when we were driving to my parents house and some 80s song came on the radio – Elton John, I think it was – and I hear from the back seat, “I not like this one.  Lilly June want Yeah Yeah song.”  (Yes, she’s requesting the Yeah Yeah Yeah song by the Flaming Lips.  Because she doesn’t yet know that real children’s music can be played in our car.)

Or like yesterday, when I asked her not to stand on the couch and she just looked at me.  “Lilly June, are you listening to mama?” I asked.  “No. I am not.” She replied.  Thanks for your honesty, kiddo, but you still can’t stand on the couch.


In any case, the robe turned out cute & warm, and as you can see, a little big.  Perfect for next summer… if she decides she likes it.  (Let’s hope she likes it.)


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  1. Debbie permalink
    October 3, 2013 7:55 am

    I love the pic of Lilly pinning the fabric to the floor! That’s one way to keep her busy and have her feel that’s she’s helping.
    Also, having seen her in person in that robe, she looked adorable! Love it!

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