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Lilly’s second birthday

July 26, 2013


I’m a little late in blogging this, but wanted to mention how we celebrated Lilly’s birthday.

Our plans to go to New Jersey were up in the air until only a few days before we’d leave, so I didn’t have much of a celebration planned for here in MI when we didn’t end up going (and between remodeling our kitchen and being pretty pregnant, I didn’t have a lot of energy to plan something big like I did last year).  My mama bear came to the rescue!

When we heard Lil wake on her birthday, we went into her room with a flood of balloons.  We’d also decorated her door with streamers… we wanted to make sure she knew that it was a special day!  She was delighted with the balloons and streamers, and ran around her room pumping her fists and yelling, “It’s Lilly June’s Birthday!”  So, I’m pretty sure she caught the message that it was a special day! 🙂  We took her for donuts (chocolate frosted are her fave), and she ate the frosting off the top and left the rest per her usual MO.


Nana, grandpa, uncle Robby, uncle Trevor, Grandma Great and Grandpa Great all made the trip to MI to celebrate our girl.  Nana picked up a pulled pork picnic for us to enjoy at their hotel swimming pool.  There were also bubbles, light up balls, and of course, CAKE!



Carefully inspecting the blue frosting on her cake + cupcakes.


Slowly backing away from the candles Nana was lighting.




Lilly wasn’t quite sure what to make of the candles on the cake, looking on in horror and backing up slowly once they were lit.  So mama and daddy helped blow out the candles, and then we all dug in.

Lil opened some wonderful presents from her fave peeps.  I’m not sure she really got the whole present thing, but she’s certainly been playing with all of her new gifts.  Also, I think she was just happy to have extra fun people around to hang out with.  (I know that I was quite happy to have extra fun people to hang out with me… no summer travel has been kind of difficult on yours truly!)  She’s particularly smitten with uncle Trevor.


A week later, we had some of our favorites over for dinner & cake.  Jason and I decided that it was a great excuse to see some of OUR friends (who also happen to have kids), because we are kind of selfish like that.  We glammed up the place with a few helium balloons, threw chicken on the grill, and had a picnic in the yard (because our kitchen is torn up).  Our sweet guests were all kind enough to bring something to pass, too!  I cut a sheet cake into the shape of a bear (or actually, it looked kind of pig-like, but go with me on this), and made some cupcakes that I topped with frosting and teddy grahams.  The teddy grahams were a hit with Lil… after the guests left, she kept grabbing cupcakes off of the table, picking the teddy graham off of the top of it, and then eating it.  She was less fearful of the candles on the cake this time, but still needed daddy’s encouragement to blow them out.




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  1. Debbie permalink
    July 26, 2013 9:11 pm

    Lilly has gotten so big! I’m glad her birthday was fun for her……and you! The dress in that last picture looks like the one Maezie wore to Lilly’s Baptism. Yes?

    • July 26, 2013 9:53 pm

      Yes! I can’t believe Lilly is big enough to fit in it… Maezie seemed so grown up when she wore that… Hard to believe my baby is that big!

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