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baby #2: week 33

July 23, 2013


Here’s where things get… um? interesting? or actually, probably more boring for those of you following along since I now have endless amounts of time to type! (Also, you get giant unedited pics now because I’m away from lightroom and Flickr is banned here.)

This week, I’m in the hospital!  Not on official bedrest, which seems to mean only laying down, but on official, “you better take it easy or you’re gonna have an emergency c-section” rest.  So I can sit up and get up and move, but am trying not to push it.  I’d like this baby to be able to grow a little bit more before it’s big debut.

At 33 weeks 1 day, Lilly and I were headed to the beach for a playdate when I felt two mild contractions back-to-back.  I thought it was odd – I’d been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a while now but nothing more real than that.  Both Lilly and her play date companion fell asleep on the way to the beach, so we cancelled the play date.  Just after dinner, I felt a gush of blood, called the OB, and we all headed to the hospital, dropping Lilly off at our friends’ house on the way.  Once we got settled at the hospital, and things slowed down, we called mama bear who quickly came to the rescue.

At the hospital, I was given an iv for hydration, some magnesium sulfate to slow down contractions, and baby’s heart rate and my contractions were continuously monitored.  We had an ultrasound, and baby is looking fantastic.  Truthfully, I didn’t feel overwhelmingly worried since I could feel the baby move a lot that evening, and because the blood loss didn’t seem to be too much.



I really miss her.  But loving that she’s cuddled up to me and taken a nap the past 2 days.

33 weeks 2 days:  I got to move from the labor and delivery wing (where I had spent the first night) to a different part of the hospital.  I also got to start eating and drinking again, reflecting the docs opinion that I probably wasn’t headed for an immediate emergency c-section.  I continued to be monitored pretty closely while on the mag sulfate, and mid-day it made me feel spinny, hot, and light-headed, so they cut it back a bit.

We met with a perinatalogist here at the hospital, and he celebrated that we made it this far before any bleeding started.  He was really confident that everything would work out okay, that babies this far along tend to do very well, and that was really reassuring.  We changed our plan for the end of this pregnancy:  baby will now be born via c-section at 36 weeks (a week earlier than originally planned), unless there is more bleeding, in which case baby will be born via c-section fairly quickly after bleeding starts (severity of bleeding will likely dictate the quickness of the procedure).



The chocolate shakes here are pretty good!

All of the agonizing about, “will a c-section really be needed?” and “is 37 weeks too early to take the baby out?” has completely lifted.  Yep, we’re doing this c-section style, and now that there are signs that this placenta is aggravated, we’ve just got to do what we can to minimize risks.  In some ways this makes things much easier.  I feel more relaxed and at peace with what’s going on now than I’ve felt in the past month.  (Though I still have some serious nerves about major abdominal surgery!)  I also feel MUCH more prepared for what to expect before/during/after a c-section just from talking with the nurses here, not to mention, they’ve recorded many of our hippie requests and seem to think it’s possible to comply with them (we can give baby it’s first bath together as a family of 4 instead of having them soap baby up!  baby may get to do skin to skin with daddy in the OR after its initial check!  it’s still unclear whether my arms will be fully strapped down during the procedure and whether we may have the option to lower the curtain and watch baby be born — those depend on the anesthesiologist).  When I’ve been sad about the baby’s delivery mode, its most often because I’m sad that baby won’t be given the same immediate mama touches/cuddles that Lilly was given — instead baby will spend the first 5 minutes of it’s life under lights while being examined by a team of people I’ve never met.  The small concessions above make me feel slightly better about this, as does Jason’s reminder that we will have this baby’s ENTIRE life to cuddle, poke, and bond with it.

33 weeks 3 days: My iv was removed today, so I no longer have an iv pole buddy (yes!).  This also means I’m no longer monitored every 2 hours so can actually sleep at night!  Yes!



Lilly June playing doctor.  She’s been giving mama and baby shots and taking both of our temperatures.  One of the nurses let her put the real thermometer in my mouth and she was *thrilled*!

33 weeks 4-6 days: Starting to get bored, but I’m going to with the motto that I’m “blissfully bored!”  Once the baby comes, that word will be stricken from my vocab for a looong time, so I’m trying to keep that in mind.  The contractions and bleedings have really seemed to stop, but they want to really monitor things since bleeding can pick up quickly again due to the placenta previa.  It’s unclear whether I’ll actually be able to go home before delivery.  If I’m going to be stuck somewhere, this is a pretty great hospital to be at (I’ve got my own room, food is decent, internet access is pretty good, nurses are THE BEST).  On the other hand, there really is no place like home, and I certainly wouldn’t mind watching Lilly June play from the comfort of my own couch.

Jason, my mom, and Lilly have been visiting and staying with me to keep me entertained, so that’s excellent.  Lilly has been playing mama’s doctor thanks to a new doctor kit.  She’s really been a trooper – we can tell she knows something has changed but she seems to be in good spirits.  She is always so happy to see me, giving me hugs and saying, “I love you!” over and over again.  It’s cute and heartbreaking at the same time.  I think it helps that she’s got her Nanee here, which is so fun!  She’s also pretty crazy about her daddy, so having some one-on-one time with him must also be fun for her.

I’ve also been entertained by so many text messages and notes from my long-distance favorites.  I’m feeling so lucky to have all sorts of support from family and friends.  It’s crazy how sometimes it takes an adverse event to really make you take note of how lucky you are.

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  1. July 24, 2013 9:34 am

    So glad to read this after seeing your instagram yesterday – I was worried! Thinking of you and your family, and happy that you’re in a great hospital (internet access is the BEST!) (and you can always edit on picmonkey, maybe) and that Lilly is handling the change well. Creepy internet hugs!

  2. July 26, 2013 12:04 pm


    I’m so thankful everything is ok, now. I hope the c-section goes smoothly ~ there not so bad, I had to have pretty much an emergency c-section with Avery after my blood pressure went though the roof and wouldn’t go back down. The morning for Avery’s birth I was at the Drs. office and she told me to check in at the hospital before 12pm since things seemed to be OK and my blood pressure was high. I can remember driving home crying and being so upset that they’d likely induce me two weeks early. By the time I got to the hospital, my blood pressure wouldn’t come down and I was given a magnesium drip to help prevent a stroke ~ Anyways with in an hour I had a c-section and Avery was born, and they even let our oldest son who was almost 11 at the time in the delivery room…..he was the first to hold his baby brother. I can remember looking over and smiling then drifting off to sleep, when I woke up they were bringing Avery to in the recovery room, I moment i’ll never forget.

    I know I’m rambling, but wanted to say its OK your having a c-section and like your hubby said there’s years and years of cuddles, kisses and I love yous ahead ~ just take care of your self and relax and enjoy those milkshakes!! 🙂 your friend Katrina ~ I’ll be thinking about you.

    • July 26, 2013 9:48 pm

      Oh! Thank you for sharing your story! It is so sweet that Tabari was able to hold his brother right away!! It is so good that they have these life-saving measures… It must have been so scary for you!

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