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this summer’s flower garden!

June 11, 2013

Every year, when things start to pop up from the ground and leaves begin to adorn our bushes, I get a little too excited that I didn’t kill it all yet.  We inherited an amazing garden at this house, and my green-thumbed mama and handy-with-a-clippers dad have been kind enough to teach me how to keep it going.  Also thanks to the Internet, which answers my endless gardening questions with ease.


This year, mama bear was kind enough to visit in May to help mulch.  Lilly June provided imaginary snacks on fancy plates that I had intended to make into bird feeders but never had the follow through to actually spend the 5 minutes it takes to glue them together.  “Here you go, mama!  Cheese!  Tea!”  Together, we managed to do much of the mulching in a few days, and Jason helped me finish up the rest – he did the heavy lifting/wheelbarrowing, and I did the weeding (hands and knees feels soooo good on this preggos back).



There are times when the amount of outside work that needs to be done here seems completely unmanageable. We’ve got a front yard in need of more mulching/landscaping, separate veggie and herb gardens that need to be beautified, a back patio with 98 million weeds growing in it (and Lilly and the dogs make us hesitant to use chemicals to destroy them), a totally non-functional fountain that operates more like a mosquito haven each summer, patches of bare dirt where grass should be, etc, etc.


One look at Lilly parading around the yard, though, and we’re pretty sure that it’s worth it. There is so much here to explore and have fun with, and she could and has easily wandered the yard for hours. There are stone and dirt piles to dig in, flowers to pick and learn about, birds nests (and eggs!) to discover, a tiny playhouse for her to prepare imaginary snacks in and a nearby branch that seems to have taken on the role of “sink” for she frequently washes her hands under it. There’s sidewalk chalk and endless requests for “draw house! draw door! draw window! draw Lilly June in house! draw dada in house! draw mama in house! draw Barleyleyley! draw Jezbel!” (and this means there are horribly horrible artistic renditions of our family on the driveway also — chalk is not my best artistic medium).


We wonder what it might be like if we had stayed in Minneapolis, with a tiny backyard – would she have as much fun out there as she does here? Would she be able to identify owls’ hoots, turkey yodels, and frogs songs? Would she be able to identify robins, and order them to go sit on their nest? Would she spend as much time wandering the yard naked as she does now? (I think this was on my “my kids will never” list before I had kids… but sometimes shirts get wet in the pool, shorts get wet from potty training, and mama is just too lazy/tired/sore to run upstairs for new ones!)

And Lilly’s not the only one who enjoys the yard.  Both dogs spend 99% of their time outside in the summer, but our littlest dog probably has the most fun digging holes, sniffing for snakes, and chasing chipmunks.


Lilly has begun to walk up to the retaining walls and sniff them, proclaiming “sniff snake!”  


And she’s pretty happy to get in on Jezzie’s hole digging, too!  Dirt!  Worms!  Yay!


Hope you all are having as much fun in your yards this summer as we are in ours!

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  1. Debbie permalink
    June 11, 2013 4:30 pm

    The garden looks great and Lilly is certainly having fun while learning about nature.

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