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June goals

June 4, 2013

Up first: our fairly-ambitious May goals:

  • GUEST/BABY’S ROOM: repair hole in ceiling from old light, paint ceiling & medallion, mount ceiling medallion & fan, get rid of extra furniture, choose wall color & paint walls and closets, put only baby-related things back in the closet once the closet paint is dry (find other homes for the miscellany that’s currently in the closet), replace light switch & electrical outlets
  • GARDEN/OUTSIDE: fill raised garden beds with dirt and plant garden, mulch flower gardens in back/side yard, clean out hoarding garage, get rid of random pieces of rusty metal left over from our super-giant satellite dish


The crazy messy they-might-be-hoarders garage before picture.  


The crazy-shirtless-toddler-running-in-circles after.  No, it’s not the cleanest garage you’ve ever seen, but we’ll need some shelves lining the back of the garage for extra wood and kids toy storage.  I’m crossing it off the list because we got rid of all of the big crap (buh bye pink toilet!) and spent like a million years opening the 236 old paint cans left for us by the previous owners.  Some cans were so old that the paint was dry inside of them… others needed to be dried, a process that involved me pouring paint into cardboard boxes, waiting for it to dry for a day or two, then pouring another layer.  It’s taken almost all month to dry out all of the paint — in fact, you can still see boxes & a giant styrofoam tray in the back right of the picture.  Once everything is dry, I can dump it in the trash and be done for good.

    • LIVING ROOM: revisit couch & chair shopping



My mom came to visit and J and I went out on date… couch and appliance shopping.  We got an amazing deal on this couch, which is great because I wasn’t super-excited about spending a ton of cash on something that was going to get covered in poop, vom, markers, food, and whatever else kids can assault furniture with.  The old couch was actually a futon that we bought 6 years ago, and it was pretty much the most uncomfortable thing you’ve ever sat on.  So it’s awesome to have a comfy option, especially as my body gets increasingly more uncomfortable.  Our challenge now is to find a comfy chair & ottoman that will go with this… the Ikea chair that we have in the living room currently isn’t big or comfortable enough for my pregnant standards.  I’d love suggestions of colors/fabrics that might work with this camel-colored corduroy couch!!  I’m currently thinking something in the blue family would be nice – either light blue or navy?

    • LILLY’S ROOM: buy closet organizers or a new dresser, get rid of the dresser in her room, (I’m still waiting to find the perfect, inexpensive dresser/organizer) get started building a play kitchen, frame and hang awesome new animal print from my cousin (found a frame & ordered a mat – just waiting for it to arrive so I can hang it!)
    • ORGANIZE: put away winter clothes/coats/decor, clean out/purge/organize cedar closet in master bedroom
    • KITCHEN: finalize kitchen plans, order fridge, empty cabinets of anything we don’t use frequently, get started with kitchen demo (we’ve decided to try to hire out more of the kitchen work than we originally thought we would… so this has taken our project in a slightly new direction with a different timeline…)
    • SUPERAWESOMEFUNPROJECTS: sew denim picnic quilt (the top has been pieced together, just need to add backing & lightly quilt), finish our wedding photo album



Barley is super-helpful.  Really good quilting, dog.

Our June plans may be a little less ambitious, but we’re hoping to log some quality time with family.  I think we’re both pretty exhausted from doing so much in May, but feeling a bit of pressure to continue some of this progress before baby #2 arrives and all progress halts for the subsequent year and a half!

    • GUEST/BABY’S ROOM: find awesome fabrics for the room, start creating baby’s quilt, sew curtains, find/create artwork, paint/stain bed frame, look for furniture: dresser, rocking chair, and side table
    • LIVING ROOM: continue search for *perfect* chair and ottoman
    • OUTSIDE: weed & mulch the front yard, divide irises after they bloom & replant in the front yard, divide & replant daffodils, weed hosta garden near driveway split, clean up front entrance to driveway, clean up herb garden & mulch, organize & clean out garden shed, draw up plans to repair beam in garage & begin construction



Here Lilly is sampling all of the herbs in the herb isle of Lowe’s.  Her fave is mint – and she knows EXACTLY where in the garden the mint is.  How much mint is too much for one toddler to eat?  I’m fairly certain her mint consumption may approach toxic amounts.

    • LILLY’S ROOM: buy closet organizers, get rid of the dresser in her room, finish building Lil’s birthday present — a play kitchen!, sew an sink apron, potholders & apron for Lil, and decorative hand towels for new play kitchen, frame & hang cousin’s animal print

Play kitchen


I am SO excited about this play kitchen.  It’s undoubtedly the coolest thing Jason has built.  I can’t wait to finish it and give it to Lil for her birthday!

  • KITCHEN: finalize plans, empty cabinets of less frequently used items, purchase cabinets/countertops/sink/new windows/floors
  • SUPERAWESOMEFUNPROJECTS: finish sewing denim picnic quilt, finish our wedding photo album

AAANNNNDDD, that’s where we’re at for the month.  Hope your May was as productive and awesome as ours was… here’s to an amazing June!

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  1. June 4, 2013 9:36 am

    I can’t wait to see the animals hung up!! Take a pic for me!

  2. Debbie permalink
    June 4, 2013 9:37 am

    You’ve been very productive this month. Get ready for rest and relaxation and lots of watching Lilly playing in the “sand box”! Can’t wait to see you!

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