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Kellogg Bird Sanctuary

May 3, 2013

Last week, we took advantage of the beautiful weather (and free admission day) and headed to a nearby bird sanctuary.  It’s a small sanctuary, but it was something to do.  We met up with 3 other mamas and babies, and walked the 3/4 mile around the park together.


The biggest attraction in the sanctuary is a large pond with geese and swans.  You can feed the geese and swans corn, although the pedestrian areas are separated from the pond and other nearby areas, which means that your toddler has to somehow throw the corn over or through the fence.


It was okay with me not to get that close to the birds (birds are not my favorite), but Lilly doesn’t yet have super corn-throwing skills, even if she almost looks like a teenager in these pictures.  How did that happen?


The sanctuary also has injured hawks, eagles, owls, and pheasants in cages.  Lilly seemed pretty interested in the birds, and was especially excited when the barred owl opened it’s eyes to look at her.  We had a picnic lunch after walking the park, then headed home for the rest of the afternoon.  A fun field trip, for sure.

Two of the mamas were wearing their 8-9 month old babies, so when we got home, Lilly was inspired to wear her own baby.



She walked around for over an hour with her baby strapped to her chest.  I am a little relieved that she’s chosen to be so interested in babies and being a tiny mama (she rocks her babies or gives them “nurnur” when they cry).  I am hopeful that this means that she’ll be a sweet and helpful big sister.


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  1. Debbie permalink
    May 3, 2013 4:07 pm

    My sweet baby Lilly IS definitely looking like a big girl! She really has changed since we last saw her.
    I think she’s definitely going to be a great big sister; she’ll follow your lead in being kind and loving to her and the new baby.
    Seems like the bird sanctuary was a big hit!

  2. May 4, 2013 12:15 pm

    She is sooooo sweet! Seems like yesterday you were wearing her!

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