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May goals

May 2, 2013

Our goals for April were slightly unambitious, but we had a busy month with sister’s wedding, a friend’s baby’s birthday, and weekend work events.  Still, we managed to totally rock out our to do list:

  • PAPER: finish taxes and our estate docs.  Bonus points for drawing out a kitchen layout (we’re halfway on this one – we’ve got measurements and a tentative plan, but we need exact cabinet & appliance sizes, which we’re attempting to do with the help of Ikea’s online software)
  • GUEST ROOM: finish painting the trim.  Bonus points for buying a ceiling fan & figuring out how to install it.
  • OFFICE:  buy/hang shelves & clean up desk. I’ll share pics soon – I’m really pleased with the way that things turned out!
  • GARDEN:  clear the area that will be the garden, build raised garden beds.  Bonus for clearing the garden/yard of dead plants, sticks, & leaves.


Some of us have been working in the yard and some of us have been sunbathing.  I’ll let you guess who has done what.

And some new (probably overly-ambitious) goals for a new month:

  • GUEST/BABY’S ROOM: repair hole in ceiling from old light (darn those awkward square recessed lights!), paint ceiling & medallion, mount ceiling medallion, get rid of extra furniture, choose wall color & paint walls and closets, put only baby-related things back in the closet once the closet paint is dry (it’s currently full of lots of miscellany), replace light switch & electrical outlets
  • GARDEN/OUTSIDE:  fill raised garden beds with dirt and plant garden, mulch flower gardens in back/side yard, clean out hoarding garage, get rid of random pieces of rusty metal left over from our super-giant satellite dish (seriously, it was huge… see it in action here)


My dirty little secret.  I hope to have this cleaned faster than you can say, “sign her up for Hoarders.”  Why yes, that is a super-large-outdated TV, a pink toilet, and two half-full 5-gallon containers full of water.  All super-crucial for my existence, or I wouldn’t have saved them, obv.

  • LIVING ROOM: revisit couch & chair shopping
  • LILLY’S ROOM: buy closet organizers, get rid of the dresser in her room, get started building a play kitchen, frame and hang awesome new animal print from my cousin (it’s so awesome, I can’t wait to show you all)
  • ORGANIZE: put away winter clothes/coats/decor, clean out/purge/organize cedar closet in master bedroom
  • KITCHEN: finalize kitchen plans, order fridge, empty cabinets of anything we don’t use frequently, get started with kitchen demo
  • SUPERAWESOMEFUNPROJECTS: sew denim picnic quilt, finish our wedding photo album

These are much more ambitious.  Probably too ambitious, but I’m hoping to get quite a few things crossed off of our list when mama bear visits mid-month.  I also am realizing that I have (gasp!) roughly 4 months until I have a newborn in my arms again and my time for home organization/fixing/cleaning/prettifying is again limited.  <insert panic here> So. much. to. check. off. before then, and of course now we’ve got the usual playdates and field trips to the zoo to compete for our spare time!

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  1. May 4, 2013 12:11 pm

    When you are done there I could use you to shovel out GpaGG’s crap! 🙂

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