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my sister’s wedding

April 20, 2013

Last weekend we were in MKE for auntie Ashley’s wedding!  We made the trip in 4 hours — no stops! — and Lilly June was awesome.  She spent the first hour looking for blue trucks! and red trucks! and orange trucks! and asking where Nana house go?  The second hour was spent playing with her car toys, drawing pictures in a tiny notebook that we take everywhere now, and eating cookies, the third hour was exciting because mama crawled in back and sat next to her, reading stories and handing over stickers for Lil to put in her tiny notebook.  And the last 40 min, we watched episodes of her favorite Russian bear cartoon that we had downloaded to the ipad because it was too dark to do much else and she wasn’t yet sleepy.  She was (and usually is) such an amazing passenger, and for that I am VERY thankful.

We went to bed pretty quickly upon arrival Thursday night.  Friday, mama bear, sister, Lilly, and I had a girls brunch at a cute little cafe.  Lilly was doing a little pre-breakfast wandering and was stung by a wasp.  There were a lot of tears, and it was probably a good thing that we were the only ones in the place at that point.  She was completely recovered and eating “cupcakes” (carrot cake muffin), but then began crying the saddest cry ever as she recounted the story to her dada.

Sister, mama bear, and I headed for manis and pedis after brunch.  Quality girl time!



The rehearsal was later that day, and we were all pleased that Lilly happily ran down the isle solo when it was her turn.  She was also quite happy to sit up front with mama and auntie Ashley, although that wasn’t quite what we planned for her during the actual wedding.



Dinner after the rehearsal was a delish BBQ.  Beaded necklaces in the wedding colors (blue and silver) were laid out on all of the tables, and Lilly decided that she should wear approximately 50 of them.  She made quick friends with “other Ash” (the groom’s cousin’s wife) and begged her for more necklaces, pushing out her lower lip in a fake deep pout when “other Ash” didn’t produce a necklace quickly enough.  I think this is a sign that we are in big trouble… our little sweetheart is also an actress!




Saturday morning was busy and filled with the traditional pre-wedding stuff – hair and make up and getting dressed… all in a rush!  We were happy that Lilly took an early nap and ate almost an entire Chipotle burrito bowl before the ceremony.  She was in a pretty good mood while getting dressed and doing her own make up (with my blush brush), and she was REALLY excited to play chase mama down the isle.


We were so proud when Lilly actually DID play chase mama down the isle – running and giggling at the same time.  I had a cookie in my bouquet to hand to her when she got me, and she seemed pretty happy sitting on nana’s lap eating it… for a while.  After a while, she began to cry for mama, and I’m pretty sure it was because she wanted to be included in the fun that was going on at the alter.

Auntie Ashley and new Uncle Kyle made their promises to each other!  There was cheering as the pastor announced the new couple!  Yay!


After the ceremony, we took pictures at the church and then at a nearby park.  It was 30s and kind of snowing that day, so we were a little chilly taking pictures — who would have thought that this spring would be so cold?Then, we all headed to the reception for apps and drinks (water for yours truly), dinner, and dessert.  For weeks I’d been asking Lilly what we were going to do at Ash’s party, and she’d reply, “EAT CAKE!” so she was *thrilled* when the cake finally came out.





Our girl was the first AND last out on the dance floor.  She hit a bit of a slump around 9/9:30 but rallied with the help of several Hershey’s kisses and made her way back to the dance floor, dancing with “other Ash” and my cousins.  I think my cousin Haley, who quickly became Lilly’s favorite dance partner, may have learned some important truths about toddlers that night like: don’t engage one unless you’re willing to play with her all night. 🙂  Also, my guess is that cousin has figured out why I never wear heels or short skirts anymore. 🙂



We were so surprised that Lil lasted until the end of the party (midnight!), and we were even more surprised when she actually cried because the music turned off and the lights turned back on.  Needless to say, she fell asleep almost immediately upon being strapped into her car seat.

Sunday was spent visiting with siblings and cousins and recounting the day before.  We made excellent time on the way back to MI, again thanks to a kiddo that let us drive 4 straight hours without stopping.

Overall, it was a super-fun weekend.  I’m so happy for sister – she is just so darn happy!  And it’s pretty swell to have a new brother, too.

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  1. Debbie permalink
    April 20, 2013 9:43 am

    Lilly always rises to the challenge, doesn’t she? I love the cookie in the bouquet idea! It sounds like a nice weekend was had by all.

  2. April 20, 2013 1:54 pm

    Perfect wedding no. 3! I can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

  3. April 20, 2013 4:58 pm

    LOVE her in that dress!

    • April 20, 2013 11:17 pm

      It was so adorable — my sister had a seamstress design & make the dress to look similar to her wedding dress. It turned out so well, I was so impressed! Lilly loved the dress, too, checking herself out anytime we were near a mirror, and frequently grabbing the dress and spinning or swaying to & fro. So sweet.

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