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February/March goals

March 8, 2013

We’re going month-by-month with our goals this year, trying trying trying to get some stuff going on in this house.  We’ve got a lot of work to do, and our progress has been slowed by the cutest little kid we’ve ever seen (we are not biased, obv).

In February, we said we’d:

  • fill out our legal estate docs – I bought a groupon for these over a year ago and the docs are sitting on my hard drive.  It’s ridiculous that we haven’t filled them out — especially with a little one to worry about.
  • make some updates to the office – I have plans for more desk space & more shelving in the office.  Then, it’s all about prettifying it — sorting out my sewing crafts, setting up a new printer, making a cover for the sewing machine, and getting the piles of paperwork off of my desk.
  • organize/clean/throw away the basement – I am very much into the idea of rotating toys, especially because I am not interested in millions of toys taking over my living room (she can’t play with one million toys at the same time anyways!).  I’d like to have an organized space in the basement to keep the out-of-rotation toys so that they’re easier to bring into rotation.  I’d also like an organized area for art/craft supplies, since I think Lil may become more interested in painting, etc soon.

We’re about half done with our legal docs.  Progress on the office was slowed by sickness (I think we caught the norovirus TWICE this year…) & cold weather (hard to get motivated to go outside and stain/poly/paint shelves when temps are below 20 degrees… although it was relatively easy for me to head to the ski hill under those conditions…).  But the basement got organized!  So we weren’t total failures! 🙂


I know it doesn’t look very pretty, but you couldn’t see the floor in here before.  We bought some plastic shelving and now we’ve got a more organized space to keep toys that aren’t in rotation.

The craft corner got some cleaning/organizing, too.  Crucial since I anticipate planning more toddler crafts in the upcoming months and need to know where my supplies are!


Jason’s tool area even got organized/cleaned!  I actually mopped the laundry room floor!  If you were motivated (we apparently are NOT), you could use the weights & weight bench in our spare room because that got cleaned up, too!  Much better than it was when we started the year.

Our plans for March include:

    • SHOP: we’re hunting for new living room furniture, a ceiling fan/medallion for our guest room (the next big project in the house), and some other accessories that will make our house function better for us (like a new dresser for Lil’s room, shelves for the office, etc).  We sold the most comfortable pieces in our living room to make room for a play area for Lil, and the cheap futon in the living room is terribly uncomfortable.  I don’t want to rush us into buying these things (especially living room furniture), but it’s time to start looking.130225untitled7402.jpg

Lil’s play area in the living room

    • PLAN: our garden, a kitchen remodel, and we’ve still got to finish the estate docs.  We’re excited about involving Lil in seed planting/growing this year.  Our ancient stove lost a burner last week so we think it may be on it’s last leg.  We’d like to remodel the whole kitchen eventually and need a plan in case the stove kicks the bucket tomorrow and we need to replace it.  The fridge is also on my sh*t list for freezing things in the fridge… especially lettuce and herbs, which just aren’t the same after freezing.  BAAAAD fridge.  BAAAD 3/4 size fridge that requires us to knock down cabinetry if we were to try to replace it with something normal (this is why we need a plan).
    • PAINT: the trim in the guest room.  The guest room is the only room in the house that I haven’t painted, and it’s time.  The current in-bad-shape wood trim is getting a few coats of white paint.  Eventually (maybe next month?), we’ll replace lighting, outlets, light switches, and paint the ceiling and walls, but the trim seems like a good start for now.
    • (And, finishing up Feb goals: We also plan to at least finish the shelves that will extend my work space in the office.  The rest of our office updates will probably happen in April since I won’t get to Ikea to buy shelves until the end of the month.)
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