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Lilly at (almost) 20 months

March 4, 2013

Lilly seems to be learning new things and saying new things every day, and it’s hard to keep up with everything new she’s learning and loving… but here goes nothing:

    • Lilly loves: babies, airplanes, the dogs, trains, necklaces, hats, & trying on mom/dad’s shoes, reading (we read for nearly 2-3 hours/day), playing outside, snow, swimming


    • Lilly says: EVERYTHING.  She’s constantly repeating us and walking around narrating her day.  And her prononciation is pretty clear, too.  Her recent fave phrases are “mama/dada come see lilly!”, “here right here”, “yeshh”, and “two one two one”.
    • If you stop at any given point in just about any book, she’ll fill in the blank.  Our favorite is when we read The Giving Tree and she says, “COME BOY!”


    • Lilly plays with: play food & her tea set, her baby dolls, markers/pens and paper, jewelry and other dress up things, trains and planes, puzzles (though she’s much better at taking them apart than putting them back together!), books books books!
    • She’s pretty good at waiting and being patient.  She’s known “WAIT” for a bit, thanks to our use of that command with the dogs.  She’s recently learned “Lilly turn” and she’ll wait quietly for mama to finish her turn before it’s Lilly’s turn at times.  (She’ll also happily take Lilly’s turn first).


    • I think she knows numbers — at least she may know the difference between “1” and “2”.  The other day she asked for “Two cook peas” (cookies please) and I said, “Oh, you want TWO cookies!?! Sure!” and she got really excited.  Not expecting her to know the difference between one and two, I handed her one cookie.  She cried and protested until I gave her the second cookie (I did promise her two cookies so felt compelled to follow through on that).  I’ve tested her a few times since with the same results.  If she asks for two and I give her one, she is not a happy camper.  We may be working more on our numbers soon, since I occasionally hear her going through the numbers (not all of them, not always in order).  She seems interested, so I figure we should go with it.


    • She knows what letters are and calls them “ABCs” or “letters” and likes to type on the phone or on an old keyboard we’ve had sitting in the basement.
    • She LOVES daycare, and has recently started napping there again, after a few months of mornings-only daycare.  She gets really excited on the mornings that we tell her she’ll be going to Tara’s house, and that makes leaving her there MUCH easier for mama.  I think it has mostly to do with Baby Kate — she is currently baby obsessed.  Daddy drops her off at Tara’s house, and she’s usually the first to get there.  Jason reports that she almost always is instantly excited when she sees Kate, rushing to her and yelling “HI BABY KATE!” in a super-high-pitched voice.  Dad can barely get a hug and kiss goodbye most mornings.  When I pick Lil up, she’s so excited to show me baby Kate or to request that I hold Kate.  Two of her baby dolls are named Kate (the others are pink doll and Lilly doll).  She loves the other, older kids, too, but spends most of her time talking about Kate.


    • We allow her very limited screen time (she has more important things to do!), on her own request, but we try to limit each sitting to 15-20 min or less, twice/day at the most.  It’s about all she has the attention span for, and about all I have the patience for since she’s constantly touching the YouTube screen to watch a different video.  Her most frequent requests are for airplane or train videos, so thanks to whoever actually stood at airports/train platforms and videoed hours of planes taking off and trains rolling by.  She likes Caillou – there’s a 3 min video where he learns to swim that she requests occasionally.  She LOVES this Russian bear cartoon, and to be honest, I really like it, too.  It’s relatively short (7 min) but actually holds her attention and she’ll giggle at times.  Since the whole thing is in Russian, we can discuss over the video without missing anything, I don’t have to worry about what sort of words are used that she might pick up. (Although she’s just started imitating the Russian girl, which is just hilarious.  Her made up Russian sounds realistic!)


    • She almost sometimes sleeps through the night (8:30pm-6 or 7am).  She was waking 2-5 times/night until about 18 months, when we decided that we needed to change our strategy.  I quit nursing her at night just after Christmas, and dada took care of her when she woke at night.  This seemed to cut down her night wakings.  She’ll now wake around 3:30/4am most nights and dada will snuggle her for a minute until she goes back to sleep.  Dada has also been doing her bedtime routine, which helped cut out her pre-bedtime nursing session.  Lil gets her PJs on, Mama and Lilly read a few (or many, depending on when we start) stories on the couch, and then dada brings Lil upstairs to brush her teeth (and Pink Baby or Baby Kate’s teeth — because our dolls are very concerned with oral hygiene), he reads another story while they lay in her bed, then it’s lights out and Lil cuddles dada for a minute before falling asleep.
    • She naps anywhere from 1-3 hours in the afternoon, usually waking at least once and requiring back rubs and cuddles to get back to sleep.  I’ve been napping with her lately, and although it limits my productivity (and blog time!), I love it.


  • She nurses 1-2 times/day.  I NEVER thought I’d be that person nursing a toddler, but its working well for us.  I’m sort of mentally over it, but don’t care enough to really force her to stop.  Also, it earns me an extra hour of sleep some mornings — if she wakes and nurses for a few minutes I can often convince her to go back to sleep until 7 or 7:30 (8 if it’s the weekend and I’m lucky).  She’ll occasionally nurse in the afternoon for a few minutes, but we’re slowly trying to cut that back.  I feel really lucky to have been able to nurse her for this long, and to have had no problems or obstacles that would have made this already challenging task even more challenging.  (At the beginning it was SUCH a challenge – constantly on call, constantly needed in a way that no one else was needed.)  It feels much easier now, and I’m happy to not have to nurse in public anymore, and not have to worry about pumping when I’m at work or away.
  • She is sweet and funny.  When we tell her “no hit” or “no kick” (this doesn’t happen often!), she cries the saddest little cry and rubs us and says, “gentle”.  When she’s about to ask for something big like candy or cookies, she gets a big goofy grin, and it’s the same grin that she gets when she says something that she thinks is silly.  She nods her head and says, “yes yes yes” repeatedly when she’s trying to convince us to do something for her.
  • We love her so incredibly much.

*I did a terrible job of picture-taking in February.  The top pics are from playing in the snow at the end of January.  The bottom series is from a trip to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum mid-Feb.  Most of the exhibits seemed a little too old for Lil, but she LOVED the sand table.  You can bet that this has the wheels in my head turning about how to create our own little (outdoor) sand table for her in spring…

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  1. Debbie permalink
    March 5, 2013 9:00 am

    The “pony” in the back is just too funny! I love that she’s such a reader. You go, Lillly!

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