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little owl

December 4, 2012

Since Jason decided that Lil would be a baby burrito last year, I got to choose Lil’s halloween costume this year. It was a tough call between owl and gorilla (two of her favorite animals), but I’d seen quite a few owl costumes on pinterest and felt confident that I was up to that challenge. (Although, dressing her as a gorilla and JT and I as buildings would have made for epic King Kong style costumes…)


For the body, I cut a piece of brown fleece to roughly the same size as a onesie. Next, I cut triangles from brown fleece and pink/light pink felt and sewed them on to the brown fleece body, starting at the bottom of the body and working my way up. Once I was done, the brown fleece part was tacked down to the body suit by hand (because I wanted to be able to cut apart the costume and use the onesie this winter!).

The fleece hat is just two pieces — both cut the same and sewed together, then I trimmed up the bottom part of it until I was able to see her face when she put the hat on. Actually, I wasn’t really sure about the hat at first… I thought it looked too goofy and possibly not even owl like. Frustrated, I left it on the couch before going to bed. The next morning when we came downstairs, Lilly spotted the hat and immediately started hoo-ing. After that, I was sold. 🙂


The wings are pink flannel-lined fleece. I cut a sort of scalloped cape, sewed the two layers together, then flipped it inside out and sewed around the edge of the cape. Where the cape scallops in, I sewed a line towards the upper middle of the cape to give it a little extra feathery look (it’s not super-obvious in the pictures, but I think it added to the costume in real life!). I flipped the top of the cape over at the arms and sewed little sleeves. I should have tacked the cape to the pink turtleneck onesie that she wore also because they kept falling down (see picture below – the wings are falling off her shoulders), but I was worried she might want the cape off at some point.



She wore this costume like a champ, hoo-ing almost the entire time it was on (the face below is the one she makes when hoo-ing… LOVE it). We also convinced her to flap her wings for a few pictures. (And now I will make you suffer through them. mwahahaha.)





We went to two Halloween parties the weekend before Halloween, so J and I needed costumes, too. I was going to make us all a family of owls, but J had other ideas, so Lil and I went as pink owls together. For my costume, I sewed larger triangles to a rectangle of fabric and then sewed a back on the rectangle so that it was pillowcase-shaped (an old pillowcase would totally do the job, but I had a sheet, not a pillowcase). From there, I cut a head & arm holes. It’s not the most professional costume ever, and I’m a little afraid to wash it because the flannel might fray, but it took about 30 min and did the job. Also, I used only materials I already had on hand (it’s the same old sheet that we used for Lil’s burrito costume last year!), so it was cheap. I attached some feathers to my hair for extra fun.


Jason went as a binder of women after a kind of horrible comment made by Mitt Romney in the presidential debates. Note that I purposefully do not use this space to talk politics or religion, but let me just say that I was horribly put off by both President Obama & Governor Romney’s comments on women’s issues during that portion of the debates. Not impressed at all.


What I am impressed by, though, is my new camera’s ability to take pictures in low light! All of these pictures were taken at dusk/after dark with no flash! Win!


Also impressed by the amount of food, beer, and good times at our barn party. The hosts outdo themselves every year — between the decorations, food, drinks, hay rides, DJ, bonfire, costume contest… whoa. We all had a really good time, including our little owl, who could be seen bopping on the dance floor and running around checking out the lights. She looked so serious the entire time!




When the DJ cranked up the music, we decided to head outside for bonfires & hay rides. We thought we’d let Lil decide when and where to damage her own hearing. 🙂



The following day, we headed to a second party for a whole bunch of babies/toddlers & their parents. The hostesses made the cutest Halloween treats, and I’m certain I went into sugar overdrive from the chocolate chip cookie/frosting/marshmallow treats. Yum. Lilly won most colorful costume and best homemade costume at the party. (All of the kids won something, and there were some really really great costumes at the party!)

We were hit by the plague the week of Halloween — all three of us got super-sick. I was especially miserable. We were feeling a bit better by the time trick-or-treating rolled around, so we rallied for dinner at a friend’s house. A big bummer of living in the country is that we aren’t really able to trick or treat from home. Luckily, we have sweet friends who live in a nearby subdivision and are willing to let us come crash their festivities. (and eat their candy. Lots and LOTS of their candy.)


It was a really chilly night, so we only knocked on two doors. Lilly seemed interested in the candy, even if she didn’t really get the concept of trick or treat. She kept bringing me different candies from the bowl that our friends were giving away and saying “please nomnomnom”. Luckily her attention span is short enough that I’d give her a little taste and then eat the rest of the candy without her knowing. Possibly one of the better perks of parenthood, if you can ignore the fact that your chocolate has someone else’s drool on it.



I have no idea why she’s yelling in this picture — we had a really fun Halloween! I’m glad we got lots of mileage out of the owl costume… I wonder what we’ll come up with next year (or maybe she’ll have an opinion on the matter?).

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  1. December 4, 2012 12:15 pm

    So sweet! I love her costume. I wanted to try one, but a chicken version, for Charlotte this year but ran out of motivation.

    Your new camera takes amazing pictures. I’m glad you’re back posting them!

  2. Debbie permalink
    December 4, 2012 8:40 pm

    Most adorable little owl I’ve ever seen! Great costume!

  3. December 5, 2012 9:12 pm

    This is one of the most darling costumes I’ve ever seen. And she is such a sweetheart.


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