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Look who’s talking

December 3, 2012

My last post had too many pictures.  This one has the opposite problem. 🙂  All in the name of catching up on recording memories that I hope to not forget, but probably will since my brain has turned into mush.

At her 15 month check up, the doctor asked me if Lilly says any words.  And oh yes, this one is full of language.  Language that mama better record now or forget forever.  Because I’m sure someday she’ll want to know that her first words were “dada”, “jjzzz” (Jez), and “da” (dog), and that she spoke them just around 10.5 months.

We started baby sign language with her at 8 months — we’d sign: more, milk, water, food, or all done.  I think she picked up on them around 10 or 11 months — “milk” being her best sign by far.  Since then, she’s also picked up please, thank you, and potty.

She pounds her chest for “gorilla”.  She tilts her head to the side for “cat” (I don’t know why).  She bobs her head back and forth when she wants me to sing.  She bends and extends her elbow, her hand clenched in a little fist, to tell me that she wants to play fetch with the dogs (the dogs don’t fetch, though… it’s in a book that my mom read to her when she visited a few weeks ago).  She pretends to brush her teeth with her finger as a toothbrush, moving right to left across her mouth when she wants to brush her teeth.  She points to her ear when she hears something or is listening for something.  It’s so amazing to see what she’ll do next.

She strings together pieces of language — the longest string was 6 words/gestures: mama lilly please up hisss water (she wanted me to pick her up, take her to see the snakes, and give them water).  It’s amazing.  And although she’s not even close to two, I’m hoping that her ability to communicate with us will eliminate a lot of the terrible two tempertantrums.  (wishful thinking? we’ll see!)


Her word, words are (in rough order of when they appeared):

  • dada
  • Jez
  • Dog
  • mama (around a year, she’d say mama when whining, finally at 15 months she’ll say it in a normal voice)
  • up “uuuhhh”
  • dirt “dit” (~14 months)
  • duck
  • Lilly “illy”
  • Ear
  • Nose
  • Eye
  • Hi
  • help “hpp”
  • Auntie Ashley “AAAAA”
  • open “O” (~15 months)
  • hop (like a bunny)
  • shoe “hoo”
  • down “wnnnnn”
  • silly “sllly”
  • teeth “teeetttthhh”
  • blue “bbbuuuuuu”
  • cheese “chss”
  • nomnomnom (seriously)
  • tea “T”
  • NO (ahhhhhhhhhhh! I didn’t want her to learn this one!)
  • Nana
  • book
  • ball
  • Barley “Bar”
  • Andrea (our friend) “AAA” but slightly distinguishable from Auntie Ashley
  • Elli (our friend’s teenage daughter, whom Lilly adores) “Eeellllll”

And just in the last two weeks since I started this list:

  • door
  • deer
  • chair
  • bed
  • poop
  • potty
  • pretty
  • pop
  • Trevor (she’s actually pretty close to saying the actual word, which is pretty impressive)
  • more
  • Uncle “Uhhnnc” (referring to Uncle Robby)
  • snowman “sNNNNOOOOOO”
  • angel
  • santa
  • tree
  • pet
  • paw
  • tail
  • kitty
  • daisy “Ddaaaayyy” (we met a dog named daisy one day when we took Jez to the vet)
  • hand
  • chin
  • Grandpa “mpa”
  • phone
  • shake
  • chase
  • scoot (to get the dogs to leave the kitchen or dining room when she’s eating)
  • boo
  • bird
  • treat
  • down
  • baby
  • bottle (there’s a baby at daycare, and recently Lilly has been pointing to herself to say “baby” or “bottle” — which is perhaps strange since she hasn’t had a bottle since 10 months.)
  • pray (when asked who we should pray for, she usually says “baby” – so we rotate between praying for the new baby at daycare, the baby Lilly, and the baby Jesus.  We are not quite ready to pray for any other babies yet! 🙂 )

She does animal sounds, too: Moo, Neigh, Duck (the duck says its own name), HOooooo (the owl is my fave of her animal sounds), hisssssssss (snake), and, of course, dogs pant or say growlgrowlgrowl or occasionally whine in a high pitched voice.


The speed that she’s starting to pick things up seriously amazes me, as does the fact that she’s putting it all together.  We’ve been hearing “pet! dog!” as she points to herself and rolls to the floor.  Occasionally she instructs us “ear!” to let us know that we should scratch her behind the ear because that’s where dogs like to be scratched (or so we’ve told her).  Last night, she woke up in the middle of the night, walked to the door and said, “mama! help! door! open!”  And later in the night, Jason went in to calm her and fell asleep himself, and I heard her say, “dada! mama! boo!” — meaning, dada, let’s go surprise mama and say boo.  The jumping out and saying boo is one of her favorite games recently, but it cracked me up that she’d try to wake Jason by getting him to play that game.  It was so cute that I went in to relieve him from his parenting (sleeping?) duties.  I think she was teething, anyways — it was a looong night.  So when I went in to get her, she was all, “mama more nurnur bed” — meaning, mama nurse me on the bed (all the while rubbing her belly to say please).

I probably have said this before, but I am just LOVING this age.  It’s really cool to hear her observations of the world and to ask her to remember things (What animal did we see at the doggy doctor?  The answer: neigh, kitty, dog — she nailed it!  What did the kitty do when mama petted it?  The answer: Lil stuck her tongue in and out repeatedly to tell me that the kitty licked!).  She has started to scream when frustrated lately, but quickly uses her words when asked what’s wrong — and for that I am SO thankful.  We just can’t wait to see what she does or says next!

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  1. Auntie Ashley permalink
    December 3, 2012 4:50 pm

    The night you and Jason went to a movie she was in the kitchen with Mom and I and my chair was on the back of the high stools so I decided to play peek-a-boo with her. She laughed hysterically every time I popped my head up or to the side and said, “boo!”. It was too cute! I wish I had thought to get it on video for you!

  2. Auntie Ashley permalink
    December 3, 2012 4:50 pm

    *coat was on the back of the high stools, not chair!

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