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September & October

November 30, 2012

The too-many-photos version. 🙂

The day after we got back from Italy, we flew to Minneapolis for my cousin’s wedding.  It was a really beautiful outdoor ceremony & party – my cousin, her mom, and everyone else really outdid themselves.  And now I have a new cousin!

I have few crappy iphone pictures (BOOHOO!) because my DLSR died in Italy. 😦

We returned to MI after less than 48 hours in MSP.  We would have loved to spend more time, but I started teaching again the following week, and Jason only has so much vacation time.  Lilly was adorable in the Minneapolis airport, yelling “AIR” at the top of her lungs and pointing to the airplanes.  It was so loud that Jason could hear her from the bathroom on the other side of the airport.  Too funny.  She was, once again, a gem with all of the travel and whatnot that we put her through.  We did have to leave the wedding reception early because she was running a slight temperature and was obviously not feeling well.  She did try out the dance floor before she quit for the night, though.

The rest of September was spent recovering from jet lag, teaching, sorting through trip photos, and trying out new DLSRs.  I eventually settled on the Canon Rebel T4i.



Lil learned to walk in Italy, and we were pretty used to her walking around, but it was a whole new game once we got home.  We had to do more babyproofing.  And it was just weird suddenly seeing her walking (WALKING!) through our house.  It took a bit to get used to.



We played outside a lot, talking about leaves and acorns falling from the trees, walking everywhere, listening for airplanes, collecting sticks, leaves, and acorns, blowing millions and millions of bubbles, digging in the dirt (and then explaining to Lil why she can’t eat the dirt), playing in the plastic log cabin that my siblings & I played in as kids, and doing more walking.  It was a beautiful fall here in the woods!












We joined our friends for a short trip to a nearby pumpkin farm in early October. It was a warm, sunny day, perfect for taking pictures among the pumpkins. There was a small train that the kids enjoyed crawling around in, and this particular farm also has a barn with a few smaller animals. Lil was TERRIFIED by the donkey’s brays and refused to go in the barn, but she did enjoy watching the bunny who was caged outside the barn hop around and eat food. It was fun to ask her about what the bunny was doing and see her do the hand signal for “eating” or “drinking” when the bunny was doing each of those things — really neat to see her knowledge being applied in new ways/settings.




I caught her licking (LICKING!) the dirt off of the pumpkins.





Mid-October we were lucky to have Nana to come visit us for a few days. She took care of Lil while our daycare provider was on maternity leave, and Lil had a great time with Nana. I can tell because by the end of the few days Nana was here, Lil would leap out of my arms into Nana’s without hesitation. Also, I’ve heard reports that Nana read the annoying fly book to Lil like 50,000 times, and I believe it. Lil likes the same book read to her over and over and over and over and over, and it’s really making me appreciate quality children’s literature. If I don’t want to burn the book by the third reading, we’ve got a winner. (And I will admit to hiding some books that J and I can possibly read again in the basement).



Nana discovered giant hickory nuts that had fallen from a neighbor’s tree while she was out on a walk with Lil, so we went over to collect some for my grandma (after asking the neighbors permission, of course). My grandma makes some seriously delish cookies with them, so I’ll be looking forward to eating those once the nuts dry out a bit. 🙂 This is where Lil put her new word “NUT!” to use, and also where I tried to get her to pick nuts up and put them in a bag. She was more interested in running towards the street yelling “NUT!” Sigh.



Our neighbors also have goats. Lil is half curious half terrified by them. (She’s 100% terrified by the cows, 30% interested 70% indifferent to the chickens, and 100% wanting to chase the kitties while holding her right ear to her right shoulder — her signal for “kitty”).


We’ve been doing A LOT of reading around here. I made Jason take pictures.


Lil sported some college gear for a homecoming party. (Despite her hand signal, we lost.) I made her leaf barrette with a felt leaf, extra felt, and some embroidery floss. We’ve since lost it. 😦


We visited the pumpkin farm as a family. I took a million pictures. We never actually carved the pumpkin we bought that day. Oops.













Later that day, we walked through our woods to enjoy the fall colors, snapping a million pictures as we went, of course.





We managed to snag an out of focus family photo. I’m still learning my way around this new camera. 🙂


*End photo dump*

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  1. theperryfamily permalink
    November 30, 2012 12:57 pm

    FYI some of the photos aren’t showing up with some weird german? wording in the box instead….hmmm?? Otherwise, love the photos I did see!

    Carol Perry CAP Management Inc 414-881-1750

    • December 3, 2012 1:16 am

      Thanks! I’m not sure why Flickr is messing with me — they were there when I wrote the post… I fixed it now (I think!).

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