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Italy Recap #2: Pisa

October 16, 2012

We left Vernazza in the morning on the 4th day of our trip.  I had checked the train schedules on the internet the night before and picked what would be the fastest, easiest route for us.  When I went to buy tickets at the train station, the person at the desk suggested a different connection… but neglected to mention that we’d have an hour to kill while we waited for our connecting train.  I wasn’t really happy about that, but we learned the important lesson of checking our train schedules repeatedly and having back up plan(s).


We finally made it to Pisa around noon, and had only about 2 hours to walk from the train station to the tower (30 min walk) and back.  Thank goodness we were able to check our bags at the train station so we weren’t wandering through town with a giant suitcase!


We stopped for lunch on our way to the tower, and made an incredibly bad decision about where to eat — we were so so hungry by the time we stopped that we didn’t notice the words “snack bar” under the giant signs for pizza and gelato.  The pizza was horrible.  Horrible!  So, lesson #2 for the day was: don’t wait until you’re starving & hangry to find food!  (This was a mistake we made a few times on our trip…)



Jason holding the yucky pizza.  Check out that plastic-looking cheese!  Boo!


It was a rushed visit, but I’m glad we made the stop.  The pictures really don’t do it justice – it is just the strangest thing to see this building leaning.  I was sort of expecting it to just fall at any moment.  Of course it didn’t!






Jason was trying his best to get the *perfect* instagram photo for our ongoing competitive instagramming.  I am winning, of course (and if I wasn’t, you’d never know since this is my blog and I can write whatever I want). 



Our girl WALKING BY HERSELF!?!?!!!!!! in front of the leaning tower.




The classic holding up the tower photo.


And a family photo, thanks to two sweet girls who offered to take our photo after watching us take photos of each other.

And with that, we rushed back to the train station, grabbed our suitcase, and hopped the hour-and-a-half-long train to Florence.


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