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Better days

October 5, 2012

Thanks for your support on our daycare situation!

Luckily, Lilly has since adapted nicely. There are no more tears when Jason drops her off. Mama now picks her up after noon, and we’ve added a third morning of daycare so that I can get my grading done and my lectures written. It’s still not enough concentrated time for me to get everything done, so I’ve been dipping into our family time at night and on weekends to make this work. (I’m so grateful for the flexibility of my job!).

Lest you think it’s all work around here, we’ve been busy having fun, too.


We took time last Friday to take Lil to the zoo. There’s been much talk of animals around here lately, and we thought shed be excited about it. She knows that gorillas pound their chests, lions roar, zebras bray, monkeys say ohohooooohh and wave their arms, ducks quack, bears growl, and owls hoooooooooo.

She wasn’t quite as excited as I thought she’d be, and I think she was actually afraid to get close to the glass at some of the exhibits. The ducks’ quacking definitely startled her at first. As she warmed up, she did seem to enjoy seeing the animals more, though I’m fairly certain she would have enjoyed walking around the back yard just as much! In any case, we’re looking forward to taking her to the Philly or Milwaukee zoos when visiting family — both have gorillas and Lil has recently been signaling “gorilla outside where”, thanks to our frequent reading of Goodnight Gorilla.


We also visited Air Zoo, a local aviation museum. Since our Italy and Minnesota trips, Lil has been obsessed with airplanes. I have a video of her in the MSP airport yelling “AIR” and pointing to the airplanes. She yelled so loudly that Jason could hear her in the bathroom halfway across the airport. We listen for airplanes when we play outside (Lil points to her ear and then says “whsssssss” and moves her hand up and across her body like a plane flying by). She enjoyed seeing the airplanes, but did not like the little airplane ride I took her on (I didn’t like it either, FYI).


I think she liked the popcorn from the concession stand best, though! :).

We’ve been doing tons of outside play lately – 2 weeks ago Lilly signaled “Lilly outside please”, so out we went – in our pjs! The joys of country living! She wants to play outside a lot, so we’ve been gardening together. She’s an excellent little weed picker (picking things up and putting them in containers is a new fave activity). I like to snip flowers and let her play with them. She likes to dig in the dirt – “dirt” is a new word for her! She also likes to try to eat the dirt, either by the handful or by liking it off of her shovel.


Despite the dirt eating, I’m glad she enjoys playing outside. She’s also found the drawer where we keep the dogs leashes and will pull them out and say “ssshhh” while bringing them to the dogs. So I’ve been suckered into taking a few walks. 🙂

We celebrated our fourth anniversary this week with a dinner out and a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Low key, and wearing the same shoes we wore 4 years ago… just how we like it.


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