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Blogging more and should I take/eat candy from strangers?

August 4, 2012

I think I need to blog more but less.

More frequently, less wordy. I tend to wait and wait until a million days have passed and thousands of new things have happened and I can’t remember them all, nor do I have the time/energy to write much.

Today Jason met me to get our eyes checked. Super fun family day, I know. I got contacts, J got glasses, we both got sunglasses. Lilly wore her own sunglasses through the optometrist’s office, giggling and waving at old men like it was her job. She is so friendly!

Also, an old guy at a table near us gave her candy while we were out to lunch. I don’t know what to think of this: sweet or creepy?

Luckily, she is easily distracted by anything, and especially animals, spotting any animal within a 200 ft radius and making a “hhhuuuuhhhh”. They all make this grunty noise in Lilly’s world, as do cars and now trains.

(so what I really want to know is: is the confiscated candy safe for ME to eat?)


We ended the day with a long drive. She fell asleep (yay). But she was killing me back there – the (admittedly ridiculous) hair bow she wore all day, the blue converse shoes, and the fact that she fell asleep “reading” her animal book – its too much.


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