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Lilly’s First Birthday Party, part 2

July 15, 2012


… because you know there’s more pictures to share.

One of my faves is this one:


It’s one of those so this is what we really look like photos.  I’d like to think that (occasionally) we’re as glamorous as the photos in the previous post depict us.  Instead, I’m all, “hey its my party, look at me!” and Jason’s all on Instagram sharing photos of his daughter, something he swore he’d never do pre-fatherhood, but now he just can’t share enough photos of Lillybop.  And Lil’s like, “what is going on here?  where am I?  and why am I wearing this weird cone-shaped piece of paper on my head?”

So that’s that.  The real us. 🙂


Lil gives kisses now.  It’s awesome — head back, lips puckered… then she leans in and opens her mouth to cover you in saliva.


She also flirts with a head tilt (and sometimes a shoulder scrunch) and she points.  And says, “wan dat” or “wan dis” when she’s pointing.  It’s super-awesome because it limits the crying in our house — we facilitate her “wans” whenever we can.  And she’s easily distracted when we can’t/shouldn’t.


After our in-town friends left, Lil opened her presents.  (We asked for no gifts on the invite, so didn’t feel obliged to have Lil open the gifts that people did bring in front of everyone.)  She got quite a few wonderful presents — walkers, shape-sorters, books, and adorable clothing.  She’s a lucky girl.





We sat outside and played with her new toys until she was tired.  And then Lil went to bed, Elizabeth and I took pictures (because how often do you get to take pictures with balloons?!), uncle Trev and I caught lightning bugs, and the adults sat around and chatted until after dark.


The next morning, we had family + my BFF & her huz over for brunch before most of them had to head back home.  Such a great weekend to celebrate our baby!  We are truly blessed with wonderful friends & family!


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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    July 16, 2012 2:48 pm

    I really hope I was the one who caught the “This is what we’re really like” photo. My first priority was definitely the pretty pictures that make you look perfect, BUT, I so love the other photos that are a snapshot of real life. (Also, the balloons were a genius prop and I’m totally stealing that idea when I have a baby.) BEST FIRST BIRTHDAY EVER.

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