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things we’ve been doing: cow & boat edition

July 5, 2012

We’ve had some busy family fun lately, made even more fun by my almost-1-year-old’s (!?!??!!!!!) spongelike abilities to pick up new skills, sounds, and movements.  She is watching EVERYTHING.  I find this heavy (time to behave like I want her to behave!), hilarious (like when she fake sneezes after I sneeze, or the night that she was screeching in an attempt to copy Jason’s hiccups), and amazing (the other day, she picked up a coke can and put it straight to her lips, pretending to drink from it as she’s seen her daddy do — no prompting or practicing necessary).

One recent adventure found us checking out cows at a local farm.  The occasion?  A free breakfast-on-the-farm, sponsored by MI State and others to spread knowledge about where our food comes from.  We arrived at the busiest time of the morning, and waited at least 45 min in the hot sun.

Breakfast on the farm!

Lilly thought it was worth it — I could tell by the way she ate almost half of the pork sausage on my plate.  And to think I had almost refused the sausage!  Silly me.  We discovered that she’d gotten her first tooth when we were in Milwaukee in mid-June, and she’s gotten even better at eating things (especially meat) since then.


We toured the farm, checking out the new calves first.  I couldn’t help but feel sad that these babies were immediately taken from their mamas and placed in solitude (to reduce risk of infection).  I know that cows aren’t humans… but still.  I can’t help but think that this would be stressful for them.  Poor little guys.




Next up was the pregnancy barn & the milking station, followed by another barn filled with cows.  Lilly was pretty into them, and kept making this low, “huh, huh, huh” grunt-like noise that she makes in response to the dogs.  Did she think they were just big dogs?  Possibly.  She definitely wanted to pet them.  And I’m fairly certain she may have wanted to kiss one or two.  We didn’t let her do either, so she settled for waving at the cows.



We ended the morning with ice cream sandwiches and pictures of our faces in a cow cut out.  (And then we spent the rest of the day inside our air-conditioned house.  It has been SO HOT here.)


Another fun adventure took place a week and a half ago: we were invited to our friends’ parent’s lake home for dinner & a boat ride.  It was a beautiful night on the lake, and their lake home is gorgeous (a far cry from the “before” pictures they showed us of the place when they first bought it!).

We had smoked pork chops & salad for dinner, followed by a baked cherry something-or-other and ice cream.  Lil sat on my lap for dinner, and I cut her a long, skinny piece of pork, which she happily ate… until I cut the rest of my pork chop from the bone.  At that point, she decided to trade me, grabbing the entire pork chop of meat and leaving me a tiny sliver.  It was so funny that I let it slide, thinking she’d tire of the pork chop quickly and I’d have my dinner back.  Not so much.  Lil ate like half of my pork chop!

(Awesome photos below taken by my friend, Denis.  He is so talented.  Also, it’s nice to have someone around who has such knowledge of the camera – not only do I get great pics of me & the girl, but I pick up tips to make my own photography better, too!)




Moments before we went down to the lake.  The water was really warm & shallow along the shore, and Lil decided to sit down and get herself completely soaked.


Moments after her little swim in the lake.

After dinner, we went for a boat ride around the lake.  The life jacket that Lil borrowed was a little bit big, but I had a kung fu grip on her the entire time – she wasn’t going anywhere.  The first part of the boat ride, Lil sat completely still & limp.  I thought she had fallen asleep at one point, but she was just staring off in the distance, taking it all in.  She became a little more animated towards the end of the ride, pointing and talking, but she still was content to sit on my lap and hang out… and I was soaking that up because as this little one’s abilities to move herself increase, her willingness to sit on mama’s lap and snuggle for extended periods of time decreases.  I’ll take all the snuggles I can get! 🙂


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  1. July 5, 2012 10:46 pm

    What fun! Those pictures look like something from a magazine. What great shots. And Your little gal is getting so big and so darn cute (although she’s always been a little cutie).

  2. July 6, 2012 12:24 pm

    Ahh I love those pics!! Especially the one herself and the ones with you, you must blow the picture up and frame it!!! 🙂 She’s getting so big. My little guy is a meat eater too, he loves hot dogs and hamburgers and chicken, I call him my little Carnivore lol

  3. July 6, 2012 6:18 pm

    What great adventures. Laughing at them being little sponges…..Lex now shakes his head and says no before he does something he isnt supposed to do!

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