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spring break, Philly style

April 14, 2012

You probably noticed a bunch of posts from me a few weeks ago.  I was on spring break!  And we decided to spend the week visiting family in New Jersey.  WARNING: photo overload ahead.

(I’ve spent the weeks since prepping/teaching my class, helping to interview/hire a new coworker, playing with Lil, doing our taxes, catching up around the house, visiting with my family, and crafting Easter gear for the girl.  Life is so busy.  But fun!)

We left SWMI after work on a Friday and arrived in South Jersey at roughly 4 am.  We made awesome time; the car ride went fairly quickly, and once again, Lil was a champ.  We’d installed a new, bigger car seat prior to our trip (the Britax Advocate), and Lil was quite content to play with me while sitting in it.  She was fairly easily coaxed to sleep around 8pm, and slept for almost the entire trip.  I am still surprised when she travels that well… although, she’s such an easy baby, I really have no reason to be surprised.


After a nap, the three of us were ready to greet Grammy and Poppy, don some green gear, and head over to a family St Patrick’s day party thrown by J’s aunt and uncle.  In honor of the day, Lil’s grammy picked up a little green dress and made her a sweet little shamrock onesie.  I, having found some super-clearance four leaf clover socks at JoAnn’s, made Lil some leggings using this tutorial (I had to also add a small (~2″) panel of knit material between the socks so that Lil’s cloth diapers would fit comfortably in the leggings).  And, on the drive over to the party, I crafted a little headband for Lil using knit material, felt, and a button.



It was really great to catch up with almost all of Jason’s extended family all at once!  And Jason’s hilarious cousin, Marty, dressed up like a leprechaun.  Amazing.


I love this series of photos, since it perfectly shows where we are:


Lilly sits nicely,


explores her surroundings,


finds something new (in this case, pine needles!),


and sticks it in her mouth.  Sigh.  How much of this am I supposed to let her eat?

And the below picture is so sweet, if only I hadn’t overexposed it…


Lil’s cousins seem to really adore her, and I’m fairly certain that the feelings are reciprocated.  Look at these happy faces… does it get much sweeter?


Sunday was more family fun — Lil & all her cousins got to play for the entire afternoon!  And I love these photos of Lil & her grammy & cousin Maelynn.




And, of course, Lil’s signature head tilt:


I still haven’t mastered the art of getting amazing shots of the five-under-five cousins…





This bathtub picture is one step closer to getting all of the kids to look at the camera and smile.  Not bad, right?


At least, it wasn’t bad until all of the adults started yelling and laughing loudly in an attempt to get the children to look and smile.  Then, Lil became frightened.  And that was pretty much the end of the grandkids in the tub photo.  Jason thinks this blog is going to get reported for bad content now.


Monday, we headed to Longwood Gardens.  My SIL had blogged about going there with her troops, and when I saw a groupon for admission, I thought it might be fun to get the entire family together and go.


Jason enjoyed babywearing Lil through the garden for most of the morning.  I’m usually the one to wear her, so it was pretty cute to see the two of them cuddled together.


The gardens are beautiful — we were there just in time for early spring flowers to begin blooming, and there was a big orchid display in the big greenhouse.  There was much more for kids to explore than I had anticipated: geese to feed/watch, treehouses to climb in, ponds to examine, a separate children’s garden for playing.



AND, the best picture of the 5 of them that I’ve taken thusfar:







But the biggest hit of all was the indoor splash garden.  Lilly loves water, so we weren’t surprised at all to see her having so much fun playing in the fountains.  Luckily, we brought an extra set of clothes on the recommendation of my SIL — Lil was sopping wet by the time she was finished, and I was glad to have been prepared enough to allow her all the playing-in-water that she wanted.

















Afterwards, a trip to a local ice cream shop for Lilly’s first taste of ice cream.  I think she loved it.  Which is why Jason had to quickly scarf his down — so she wouldn’t eat it all.



Tuesday, we ate at the Pop Shop, one of my fav local places, with J’s mom, aunts, and uncle.  I love brunch food, and the company was excellent.  Lilly managed to grab some french toast and fruit.  Methinks she’s a brunch fan, too.



We visited Jason’s cousin at college that afternoon.


Wednesday was shopping and dinner with a friend.


Thursday, we headed to NYC to visit with my BFF for lunch.  We hopped the train (Lilly’s first train ride!), and despite being country people, managed to navigate our way through the big city enough to find our preassigned rendezvous spot.


It was so good to see Elizabeth!  Oh!  And we were pleasantly surprised that her new hubby joined us for a quick minute despite having a super-busy work day.


We walked to nearby Times Square, shot some photos, and hopped the train back to Jersey.



Friday we did more shopping and had dinner with our friends and their adorable daughters.  Saturday featured more cousin play time, followed by a 5pm departure for SWMI.  I think we got in about 3-4am, and again, Lilly was wonderful for the ride (as were the dogs).  Such a fun spring break, and as usual, a week goes by too quickly on vacation…

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  1. Debbie Ross permalink
    April 20, 2012 7:11 pm

    Thank you! All those pictures made it worth while to wait almost a month for your next blog entry! There are so many great ones; I love the one of Bridget and you and the girls. Lilly is such a photogenic baby and your photogrphic skills are great.


  1. Happy (belated) St Patty’s Day |

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