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dare to make something super-awesome for someone else

December 5, 2011

Yes!  The stars have magically aligned and I am finally able to join in the fun over at Kim’s dare to DIY party!

{insert celebratory dance here, to the tune of Jingle Bells or something equally festive}

And, as a special bonus, I made (& gave) some legit homemade gifts already this year.  We visited with Jason’s family for Thanksgiving, and opted to exchange gifts for the kiddos on Thanksgiving, when we were all together, since we will not be together for Christmas.  First up: DIY kiddo backpacks!


I’m always a little hesitant to dole out my homemade crap and call it a present, but my SIL encourages this behavior (thank you!) and I suspect that the kids don’t care whether my stitching is straight or not.  Indeed, probably the best part of the homemade gift was when my niece, upon opening her backpack jumped up and exclaimed, “I was wishing for a backpack!” and then wore it around the house for the rest of the evening.  The kids managed to find a few things to put in their new bags – like babies!  (thankfully they didn’t ask for mine).


I made three of them using this tutorial. (Wish I had taken a photo of all three backpacks – with or without kids attached – to show you… oh well).  I used a denim material for the backpack because it’s heavy duty, and then I used colorful 3/4″ wide ribbon for the straps.  I cut each child’s first initial out of fabric & sewed it to the front of the backpack before actually assembling the backpack for a personal touch.  Yay personalized backpacks!  Also, yay for my niece’s super-fierce runway-ready model pose (boo for my bad photography):


I think if I were to follow the tutorial again, I’d make the backpacks just a few (5?) inches bigger, and make the ribbon casing at the top of the pack a 1/2″ wider.  But not bad for my first try…

I also revisited the monster towel, making an orange spikey one for our other niece.  This time, the “whoa, awesome” moment came when her dad realized that I had made the towel.  He was quite surprised…


My cute SIL was more than happy to model for me.  I think maybe she needs a monster towel, too?  (I think the real question here is who DOESN’T need a monster towel?  Seriously.)

And that’s what I’ve been making this holiday season…  I’m hoping to make a few things for Lilly before the big day, but that would mean she’d have to go to bed at a reasonable hour and actually stay asleep for the night, something that’s not been happening around here for the past week…  (please, Lil?  pretty please?)

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  1. December 5, 2011 5:15 pm

    These are great! And I don’t know why you hesitate to gift your homemade gifts. They are fabulous! I am kind of obsessed with the monster towel. Like, I want one.

    And the kids will use those backpacks to death. What kid doesn’t want a backpack?

  2. Debbie permalink
    December 6, 2011 7:25 am

    I think Lilly needs to come back to Grammy’s house; she slept just fine here! Perhaps she’s on strike.
    Seriously, this is just a temporary thing, I’m sure. She’s such a good baby!
    The gifts are going to be a hard act to follow! Lucy does have that fierce model look going, doesn’t she?

  3. December 6, 2011 8:41 am

    I think you did a lovely job on both the backpacks and the towel! No need to hesitate!

    And, I completely agree… Everybody needs a monster towel! 🙂


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