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two months of Lilly

September 19, 2011

(just a week or two late! 🙂 )


This month’s parenting gems:

    • follow the baby, follow the baby, follow the baby.  In other words, what I want has nothing to do with what’s gonna happen.  It’s all about her.  And it’s a little bit like pairs juggling with a clown who keeps throwing random crap at you instead of those cute little juggling balls.  At least this one’s not throwing daggers or flames (yet).  Still, this is the hardest thing for me to remember.  I’m too used to it being about me.
    • I can reliably get approximately 15-85% of any given task finished before getting sidetracked by the baby.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the task is, there is no way it can possibly be completed in one sitting.  This is maddening to me, and hopefully at least partially explains my blog/crafting absence!
    • I still wake at least twice in the night and put my hand on her belly to make sure she’s still breathing.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to let her switch to her own room/crib.  Ever.


Lilly’s favorite things this month are mostly the same things we loved last month, plus:

  • Ceiling fans, lights, and pretty much anything else hanging from or near the ceiling.  Had I known this before she was born, I definitely would have added attractive light fixtures to the baby registry.  When we stayed at my parent’s house, the colorful cloth birds and butterflies hanging from the ceiling in my sister’s room were mind blowing.  The girl could not get enough.  Fortunately, she seems somewhat interested in the cloth birdmobile I made for her while she was baking.
  • Bathtime.  I think it’s because she like’s being naked, but her dad doesn’t appreciate that suggestion.  In any case, she’s the happiest, most fun baby in the bathtub… she splashes up a storm & concentrates on kicking the rubber duckies that we float in there with her.  We have this tub, and it’s great.  (Initially I was into the puj tub or the bucket tub, but I’d imagine she wouldn’t have as much fun in either of those because there’s not as much room to splash).IMG_7116
  • The bouncy seat.  I might actually like it more than Lilly because it lets me grab a shower when J is at work.  Lil is cool with it, though, and we can put her in it while we’re in the kitchen cooking, or while we’re eating and she can be part of the action.  Ours is supposed to have some sort of vibrating action, and we put in a battery, which was old and probably already used up because it doesn’t really seem to work.  And we’re too lazy/cheap to get a new battery and install it — especially when she doesn’t really seem to care that the chair doesn’t vibrate or whatever it’s supposed to do – she’s happy to sit in the chair as it is.
  • The world around her.  Things are starting to come alive in Miss Lilly’s world, and she just wants to check it all out.  Which is kind of awesome and sometimes not so awesome.  It’s amazing to see her develop an interest in what’s going on around her.  It’s not so amazing to have the world around her disrupt her need for sleep.  In fact, everything is just so exciting to Miss Lilly that unless she’s home or in her car seat, she’s likely not going to nap.  Which is a bummer because her mama was really enjoying hanging out with other mamas and their sleeping babies…

And, now for a moment of mama bragging about all the super-awesome things my baby learned to do this month:

    • She can get her hand up in her mouth – with much concentration.  She can also kick the rubber duckies in the bathtub – with much concentration.  It’s so awesome to see her focus on an object and begin to manipulate it, even if her manipulation of said object is limited.  Just being able to watch her watch herself attempt to move her limbs is cool.  I’m sure that my words aren’t adequate for describing this… but it’s almost like there’s really officially a little person in there, and that little person is coming out one hand or foot manuever at a time.IMG_7051
    • Smiles!  Still her best trick.  And I think it’s bound to be her best trick for a very very long time.  She’s giving the smiles a bit easier these days, and she’s initiating the smiles.  That is, last month, when we wanted smiles, we had to smile at her and act silly, but this month, she’ll smile first and she’ll even smile at non-human objects.  Her favorite non-human things to smile at are the dogs…  Occasionally, she’ll look over at them and just get a big gummy grin on her face.  It’s so darn cute!  And it’s pretty much the greatest thing in the world to see this little one look at you and grin without initiating it.  It makes me feel like I haven’t screwed up this parenting thing too much yet.  Can someone explain to me, though, why I can never capture said smiles on camera — why I more often capture the frowny face. (Which she excels at – seriously, look at that little lip!  It cracks me up when it’s not accompanied by a scream.)IMG_7042
    • She’s also improving at following objects with her eyes.  Of course, the dogs are definitely her favorite things to watch – especially when they’re running or wrestling!  But she’s also been caught spotting her daddy or I across the room and following us with her eyes.  So now we’ve got little ears listening to us, and little eyes watching us.  It’s heavy.  And flattering (no one else thinks I’m that interesting!).
    • And tummy time is awesome.  Her little neck muscles are getting stronger and she tolerates being placed on her stomach for longer than she used to.  She is much less of a bobble head than she was at birth or one month!



6 Comments leave one →
  1. September 22, 2011 2:14 pm

    She is so beautiful Jen!

  2. September 22, 2011 2:33 pm

    So beautiful! Next you’ll be blogging about how many words she said in one day 🙂

  3. Debbie permalink
    September 22, 2011 4:21 pm

    These pictures are great! She is really a beauty. I think of her so much because the 3 month old in my care is doing all those things and I can imagine she is as well. (Actually I think of her so much because I’m missing her and don’t think I can wait until Thanksgiving to see her in person.)
    It’s such a magical age; enjoy it!
    Give her a big kiss from Grammy, please!

  4. September 24, 2011 5:29 pm

    Loved the update – especially photo number 3 – Seems she is saying “Seriously?! ANOTHER photo?!!!!”

    Keep capturing and enjoying these moments – they go TOO fast!

  5. almostif permalink
    October 4, 2011 11:38 am

    She’s a real beauty 🙂 xx

  6. October 4, 2011 10:02 pm

    She’s so lovely!!! I love reading about her personality and milestones!

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