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Nana & Grandpa’s house

September 6, 2011

When she was 6 weeks old, Lilly made her first trip to Nana & Grandpa’s house in MKE.  Jason had a 4-day business trip, and the girl and I thought it’d be fun to hit the road to meet more of her relatives & friends.

The thought of taking her on a 4-hour road trip by myself scared me only slightly less than single parenting for 4 days.  The carseat-facing-backwards-behind-the-driver’s-seat setup in our SUV is less than ideal for long trips since I can’t even reach back and touch her.  I did have a mirror set up so that I could see what she was doing, but still.  It felt like she was miles away.

Also?  Babies can easily turn a 4-hour drive into a 5.5-hour drive.  And we actually only had to stop twice to feed her each way.  But she definitely gave me dirty looks when I put her in the car seat after the second feeding.

The weekend was somewhat of a blur, as most trips to my parent’s house tend to be.  So many visits with so many people!  And once again, Lilly was really great about getting passed around… which is a good thing, because I’m sure it won’t be the last time friends & relatives want to get their hands on our baby…

IMG_6836{My high school girls & I…  Amanda was in town visiting from Utah, so I HAD to make the trip home to see her… it’s been almost 3 years since I saw her last!  And Kitty & her sweet baby girl & husband just moved to MKE, so I’m envisioning lots of play dates in our future.  So good to see you girls again!  And Lilly liked meeting her BFF!}

IMG_6843{Nana & Auntie Ashley bathe Lil in the sink}


{The girl got a bit of baby acne when we were there.  Although now that we think she might be sensitive to cow’s milk, it’s possible that it was just a rash, since that can be a sign of food issues and has gone away now that I’ve stopped eating dairy.}


{I can’t believe how big this one is getting!}


{My aunt & cousin cooing at the baby.  My little cousin just adores all things baby — and even wanted to help change Lilly’s stinky diaper!}


{Uncle Robby & Lilly staredown.  She spit up on him early in the week and he was a little weary of holding her after that…}


{Nana was trying to make Lilly smile while I got a photo of it…  This is about as close as I could get to one of her giant gummy smiles.}


Lilly Smiles

{Finally captured a little smile!}

Nana is babywearing!
{Lilly introduced Nana to babywearing.}

We made it back home just a few hours after Jason arrived.  I think that both Lilly and her daddy were happy to see each other again, and I think Lilly was especially happy to have a bath in her big bathtub (well, bigger than the sink that she’d been bathing in at Nana’s house).  In fact, she was so enthralled in her bath time that she barely noticed her bathing companion.  I’d often joked about getting a picture of Lilly and her doggy siblings in the tub together, but didn’t think it’d actually happen…


Our dogs – especially our big dog – are not fans of baths.  In fact, the big one shakes pitifully.  It’s embarrassing, because he’s supposed to be tough.  The big dog also hates storms.  And shakes during them, too.  And hides.  What I can’t figure out, though, is why he thinks the bath is a wonderful place to be during a storm, when he normally is terrified of the tub?

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures… because it pretty much captures this moment exactly.  Big dog, freaking out in the tub.  Little dog, sitting on Jason’s lap, a little nervous and needing comfort from her humans.  Jason (and I) laughing hysterically at the ridiculousness of the event, and taking photo after photo to capture & share it.  And our sweet little bathing beauty completely unaware of anything except what’s going on in the tub.

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  1. September 6, 2011 12:44 pm

    The last photo is too sweet! Lilly may help her siblings over come bath time!

  2. September 6, 2011 3:35 pm

    Okay, where were you standing in that last photo!!? 😉 Lilly is a doll that’s for sure.

  3. September 7, 2011 3:55 pm

    sorry I missed your trip home! She is changing so fast. I can’t wait to see her again. I may have to make a trip to Kazoo. Think I can talk Great Grandpa into that?:)

  4. October 20, 2011 7:30 pm

    That last photo is awesome times one thousand.

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