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September 2, 2011

It makes sense that all I want to eat right is ice cream… now that dairy has officially been banned from my diet.

Let’s back up.

Tuesday, I was the queen of the world because I showered AND took my baby to the grocery store (my first food-buying trip since June) AND it was all a big success (read: no tears were shed by baby OR mama).  I’d been nervous about going to the grocery store with the baby – mostly because I have no clue what I’d do if she got hungry mid-trip.  Sit down and feed her in the middle of the bread isle?  Leave a half-full cart of groceries to run out to the car and feed her there?  Ask to use the employees lounge?

First grocery shopping trip!{yes, I took a picture in the grocery store to commemorate the adventure}

Anyways, I bought all sorts of things, including 2 pints of sale ice cream to add to the two that have been sitting in the freezer (as well as hot fudge, caramel, and nuts to make my own sundaes).  (I also picked up a few healthier items, which are important for my mental functioning, now that the little peanut is literally sucking the good stuff out of me, but not important for the rest of the story).

I was feeling like a parenting genius! for recognizing that my baby is typically cranky in the afternoons and planning my trip for 9am, when she usually takes a long nap.

Livin on the edge{Later, we let Lilly play with the plastic grocery bags – they make noise when kicked!  And Jason and I didn’t even have to use the magic of the google search to tell us that we shouldn’t be letting our 7 week old play with plastic bags!}

J and I also managed to get her to bed early enough to sit on the couch and eat said ice cream.

So that was awesome.  Victory!

Wednesday morning, I woke up to a baby that was straining, grunting, and turning red while doing her business (14-year old Lilly: you can thank me now for sharing this info with the interwebs).  And what I found when I changed her minutes later was cause for PANIC!  (at least it was for this first-timer).

You are all horrified that I’m blogging about this, right?  Admittedly, I’m a little horrified, too.  But let’s just all look on the bright side: at least I’m not describing in detail.  Or posting a picture.  Because I have one — sent it to Jason so that he could be involved in the parenting fun from work.  Ahh, technology.

Tummy time{I think she looks like me in this one.}

Anyways, to make a long story short(er), the doctor suspects that Lilly has a sensitivity to some of the proteins in cow’s milk.  This is, apparently, fairly common in small infants, but requires that I stop eating dairy.  Including the 4 pints of ice cream that are calling me from the fridge.

(And, including the pizza for which I just got a *special birthday coupon* via email.  OH, CHEESY PIZZA, WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME?)

After google searching “baby diarrhea” for images (google really is raising our child), I’m pretty sure she’s been having GI issues for a few weeks.  {Enter mom guilt}  I feel horrible for not picking up on it sooner, but she is just such a wonderful baby – rarely fussy, and when she is, it’s easy enough to calm her by walking, rocking, shifting her position, or nursing – so her behavior didn’t really alarm us like it would have had she been colicky or obviously uncomfortable.

Chubby cheeks{Look at those chubby cheekers!}

Of all of the things that it could have been, I guess I’m glad that it’s something that’s easy to fix (and not, say, a chronic GI disorder or painful infection or something).  And, my BFF pointed out that this is probably one of the easier things that Lilly will ask me to do.  No dairy for a few months?  Probably easier than handing her my car keys.  Or helping her move away.  Or allowing her to date the dude with tatoos and piercings who rides a motorcycle and works at the local gas station (Lilly: never do this).

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  1. September 2, 2011 2:29 pm

    Come on, giving up ice cream has to be on par with letting her date Mark from Roseanne (I know you remember him. Becky’s boyfriend.) Hope this isn’t a long-term situation!

  2. September 2, 2011 2:41 pm

    Awhhh, poor Lil (do you ever call her that?) has the squirts! I hope you can breeze through the period of no dairy and have your ice cream soon. I agree, that photo of her on her tummy, I can see you in that photo. 🙂

  3. September 2, 2011 9:22 pm

    There seems to be a lot of us who cannot tolerate dairy. My first baby had the same issues but I didn’t figure it out until a long time after you did! 🙂


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