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2010 week 45 (I think? I’ve really lost count here. remind me not to commit to this next year.)

November 19, 2010

I’m just gonna go for bullet points here – it’s a bullet sort of day:

  • I just did something awesome.  I think.  Have you heard of  It’s a whole bunch of cool stuff – at a discount.  If you join, you get a $15 credit automatically.  Today they were offering $50 gift certificates to for $25.  Zazzle sells all sorts of stuff – including those super-rad photo stamps.  So I picked up a $50 gift certificate for $10.  And, according to this math, 60 stamps are usually ~$52 – that means that I’m going to get 60 photo stamps for ~$12 (+ shipping… although the website says that orders over $50 get free shipping, so I’ve got my fingers crossed).  If you go to USPS, 60 stamps is gonna cost you ~$26.  Meaning that my Christmas cards will be adorned with stamps that saved me $$ AND look totally adorable.  (If you want to cash in on this super stamp deal, too, you can click here to join onekingslane.)
  • In totally unrelated news, we bought an amazing leaf blower before our trip – it’s the Stihl 380D, and it came from an official tool store (i.e., not the big box hardware store), so I’ve been referring to it as our first REAL tool purchase.  It’s amazing and J cleared the lawn in about 2 hours on Sunday.  Compared to the ~12+ hours we spent with the rake, shovel, and shop vac last year, this is amazing.  We discovered that the 380D’s engine floods pretty easily – by flooding it on it’s first use – but in our defense, when the machine was allowed to sit, it still wouldn’t start, so I took it back to the store where we got it.  Even though the place wasn’t actually open, the two men (I assume they might be the owners?) getting ready to drive out of the parking lot were kind enough to stop & try to help me start it, at which point they discovered something wonky going on with the engine (so maybe the flooding wasn’t our fault?), and just gave me a new one.  Excellent customer service, and my guess is that this won’t be our last REAL tool purchase.

  • I’ve had an almost-lost voice & superbad cough after teaching to the 4 worst-behaved classes in the area last week.  Probably the peak of the week was when one kid spit a giant spitwad on the floor in the middle of the class, but I was informed that this was nothing compared to the kid that threw a chair at the teacher the week before.  Needless to say, this leaves me thinking, are we sure we really want kids? And also why did I sign up for this? And furthermore, teachers are waaay underpaid.
  • I’ll be happy when my classes at localsmallcollege resume in January.  Usually the college students don’t spit or throw chairs.  Or require me to say “if you can hear my voice, clap your hands (insert number of times here)”.  Until then, I’ll be busy preparing to teach them, hoping that I’m still at least a little bit smarter than them, and trying to find a new balance between working, blogging, and crafting.
  • It’s taken me a crazy scary amount of time to get the dishes washed & put away from our friends Thanksgiving extravaganza last weekend.  I can’t wait until we can afford to put a dishwasher in.
  • Speaking of friends Thanksgiving – we learned a few lessons.  1. A pie dish (or dishes) may be needed before next time – the square pie I made in a casserole dish (because that’s all I had) just didn’t seem right.  2. One of us (preferably Jason) needs to learn how to carve a turkey.  I’m hoping he can take some tips from my uncle next week.  3.  We could use additional silverware.  As it turns out, 12 place settings aren’t quite enough to aid 15 people in shoving food into their mouths.  And 4.  I think we’re gonna do friends Thanksgiving every year.  It was just too fun not to repeat.
  • Our Samsung dryer is out of commission & has been for the past 3 weeks while we’ve been waiting on Samsung to send the right parts.  They sent the right parts, but the appliance repair man couldn’t get them on to our motor.  Now we’ll wait for an entirely new motor.  Which is fine, except MY SHEETS HAVEN’T BEEN WASHED IN OVER 3 WEEKS and they’re getting pretty gross.  Also, I miss how soft the towels get when you throw them in the dryer (vs when you hang them).  First world problems, I know.  I’m just disappointed that things break so quickly – we’ve had the Samsung for only a little over 10 months… certainly it’s lifespan should be longer than that.  (It is under warranty still, so at least all of this nonsense is at no financial cost to us… although it is at slight cost to my sanity 🙂 ).

Anyways.  That’s about it.  We’re heading to a birthday party for our dear friend this evening & planning to spend the rest of the weekend getting some projects done around the house.  What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. November 19, 2010 11:45 pm

    Wow! You are busy! I can’t imagine all the dishes you’ve had to do without a dishwasher. I’m tired just thinking about it.

    And, what an awesome deal for zazzle! AMazing!

  2. GGG permalink
    November 20, 2010 10:29 am

    I really hope you do continue to blog every week next year because you have entertained me once again and I look forward to your blogs and can hardly wait a week for another one!

    • November 20, 2010 12:05 pm

      Well, YOUR blogs entertain ME, too! So you should get writing! 🙂

  3. November 20, 2010 9:33 pm

    I haven’t had a dishwasher in 18 months. When we DID have a dishwasher, at our last house, I didn’t use it for so long the water got stagnant and smelled up the house. Gross.

    Your kid would never spit on the floor.

  4. November 21, 2010 2:25 am

    Well, that sounds like quite the week. I’ve been wanting to get some cute photo stamps for my Christmas cards, so I’ll have to check out bullet number one. Also, I can’t believe the kids at the school where you are teaching act like that…how shocking. I don’t think that would fly around here. Hope your dryer gets fixed and you have a wonderful week 🙂

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