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2010 week 32

August 21, 2010

I initially started this posting-about-our-week on Fridays to try to encourage myself to take pictures of the everydayness of our lives.  And I’m noticing a trend: we’re all about dogs and food up in here.

And this week is no exception!  Surprise!

The ice cream maker attachment for the kitchenaid mixer arrived last week.  I ordered it with gift cards that I’ve been hoarding since our wedding, so it was a rad belated wedding present to ourselves.  And the ice cream?  Delish and so so so rich.  Here you see my awesome bowl of cookies & cream.  Yum!

I also harvested a whole bunch of basil & made pesto.  So when we had pizza last weekend, I was pretty psyched to make a pesto pizza and top it with fresh mozzarella.  Jason makes the most awesome pizza-on-the-grill ever, and the fresh pesto & mozzarella was so tasty.  I’m drooling on the keyboard just thinking about it…

And now, for the dogs.

We’ve been eating at the table a bit more since our roommate, Jimmy, moved in.  I’m not sure why… maybe we are too embarrassed about our usual eating on the couch habits?  Maybe we don’t trust the college kid with food on the furniture?  Or maybe we’re just trying to be polite hosts?  Maybe none of the above.

Anyways, the dogs.  They like to sleep under the table while we eat, and last week I found them cuddled up together.  Barley’s paws are actually wrapped around Jezebel’s head.  In a nice way.  Not the usual doggy-wrestling kind of way that we see when they’re awake.  So funny.

And, we saw firsthand the calming effects of dog ownership yesterday.  Jason arrived home around noon (yay summer hours!) only to have to respond to some slightly aggravating work emails for the next two hours (boo for working from home!).  Jezebel cuddled up to him, falling asleep with her head over his foot.  I’m pretty sure this helped to tame the irritation, since he was probably in a better mood than he should have been!

And, speaking of calming irritations, this morning, when yours truly was in a not-too-great mood, my loving husband suggested that God might have a plan for me to become an animal hoarder (in response to my comment that “at least I have a job next spring- maybe the plan is for me to get a more permanent teaching position”).  That cracked me up enough to take the edge off.  And it reminded me of a sweet conversation that I had with brother Trevor when he was visiting last weekend.  Trev and I were headed into the grocery store, while Jason waited in the car.  Just as we were shutting the car doors, J said something super-funny (can’t remember what it was), and as Trev and I walked into the store, Trev goes, “oh, now I see why you married Jason.”  And, I, being super-confused about that said, “Oh, why is that?”  And Trev goes, “because he’s SO FUNNY!”  Yep, peeps.  That’s one reason I married that crazy guy.  He’s a fricking comedian.

And now, I better run downstairs and help the comedian in the laundry room.  We’re working on making it a prettier and more functional space, and based on what the befores look like, he could use all the help he can get…

Have a great weekend!

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  1. mom permalink
    August 21, 2010 2:12 pm

    Or maybe God’s plan is for you to try a whole bunch of different things in your life even though it means you may never “master” any one of them. Animal hoarder, I think not but maybe Craig’s List hoarder is a possibility…

  2. August 23, 2010 8:02 am

    That ice cream and pizza is making me drool (even at 8 a.m.!). I am dying with the laundry room teaser that you left for us…can’t wait to see what you do!

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