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weekend update

November 9, 2009

We had a really great weekend.

Friday night was lazy and awesome.  I worked on a baby blanket for our friends Kitty and Mike, who are expecting their first baby in December.

I saw the polka dots when I was at the fabric store buying fabric for a super-fun Christmas project that I’m working on and had to have them.  Fortunately, the zoo animals were close by and were a nice little complement to the dots.  And the fabric was a soft flannel, so I think it will be perfect for a little baby!  I’ve never sewn flannel before, nor have I used the machine to bind a quilt, so I was really happy with how this one turned out!

Kitty and Mike (and their adorable doggy, Gracie) drove up from Chicago on Saturday to visit with us, and we had a great time showing off the house, walking through the woods, and watching the dogs play Barley and Jezzie bug Gracie and Gracie completely ignore Barley and Jezzie.  It was hilarious.  And deafening.  Our little doggy has quite the high-pitched bark.

I still can’t get over how big Jezebel is getting!  She’s certainly living up to the nickname my brother gave her: Jezzy-bear.  Because when she rears up on her hind legs and growls at Barley to get him to play, she looks just like a little bear.

We also call her our little bully.  Because she’s some sort of bulldog, and also?  Totally a bully.  She’ll kick Barley out of his bed and steal his toys, and he lets her.  He also tattles on her when she’s naughty (he’ll come over and stare at me when she’s chewing on something that she’s not supposed to) and runs to find her when she gets lost in the woods (lost in quotes here because she’s usually not lost, just matching the leaves and invisible to my near-sighted human eyes).  Their doggy dynamic is pretty cute.  Kind of what I imagine human siblings to be like, only with less growling and chewing on sticks and bones.

Yes, bones. Like, RAW ANIMAL BONES found in the woods that Jason and I did not give her.  You know, BONES that deserves caps + bold + italics because the whole situation is disturbing and disgusting and I can barely handle it, except that she is so darn cute that her cuteness makes up for the nastiness of the bones, at least when she’s sleeping.  Yep, our little doggy has an amazing capacity to find bones in the woods.  As in, she’s found 5 big bones in the last 48 hours out there, and my explanation is that the previous owners hunted and threw the deer bones back into the forest, and if you ruin this and tell me it sounds like we live on ancient indian burial grounds or like the movie Pet Cemetary or any other spooky haunted movies I will totally lose my cool.  Big time.  Because I am a big scardy cat.

Moving on. The temperatures here were in the 60s over the weekend – perfect fall weather.  I woke up Sunday morning to some serious fog rolling through our neck of the woods and snapped some photos.  It was simultaneously eery and cool.

Yesterday, Jason installed new motion-sensored lights around the perimeter of the house and garage.  Our old ones were broken (only about 1/2 of the light fixtures would even hold on to a lightbulb) and we wanted the lights to be on motion sensors for a little additional security.

I bought our first rake, raked for 20 minutes, decided that even though it was a well-spent $7, raking was miserable.  So I stopped.  Still have not worked out how we’re going to get rid of all 4.2 trillion leaves in the backyard, but am certain that when all the leaves are removed, I will deserve a trophy.  Or a margarita.  Instead, I spent yesterday afternoon working on some furniture I’ve got sitting in the garage.  I hope to finish my garage projects in the next few days, since we’re supposed to have super-warm (read: 50-degree) temperatures this week.

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  1. November 9, 2009 11:38 am

    Awww…that is so cute that your doggies are acting like Brother and Sister! lol. Mine kind of do the same thing, but usually, they are both being bad together. I am so happy for the warm temps as well! I am getting lots done outside! We have a ton of leaves also, but I am sure nothing like yours. I have 8 big trees on my property. Clint usually mows a few times and throws the leaves in our flower beds to help the dirt. It is tiring though.

  2. mom permalink
    November 9, 2009 9:25 pm

    The big difference in Jezebel that I notice is how much more muscular she looks!

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