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creatures, part 2

August 13, 2009

I thought I’d give a little update on our animal situation… Part 1 can be found here.

First, we think the chupacabre has moved on.  We have not seen any more dead rodents.  This makes me happy.

Second, the raccoon babies seemed to have moved on, too.  Perhaps they got my eviction letter?  Or grew too big, ran out of room, and had to find a new home.  Either way, I am also very happy about this situation.

In new business, we’ve seen lots of turkeys and deer in the backyard.

Turkeys make the most ridiculous bird noise ever.

Barley barks at the turkeys, but isn’t sure about the deer.  Maybe they’re just big dogs to him?

We spotted this guy on a recent walk.

We walk past a field of cows on our daily walk, and one day, the cows happened to be standing at the fence, near the road.  Barley was mesmerized.  He sat down and stared at them and wouldn’t move.  The cows stared right back at him, and all was going okay until one of them started pounding her hoof against the ground.  I thought maybe a big cow stampede was in the making, so I managed to pull my muscle-y 75-lb dog away from the new big dogs he discovered.

Barley is baffled by these guys.  How did they get so big?  Why do they make that crazy non-barking sound?

Also, we have this pair of beautiful red cardinals that are destroying my window-washing attempts.  The scare the crap out of come to visit me every morning, by flying straight into the window and landing on the windowsill for a minute or two.  It makes a pretty loud noise in an otherwise quiet house.  This is frequently repeated throughout the day.  I totally don’t get it.  There are 9+ acres of woods surrounding this house, and these guys have to dive bomb my only clean window (which is no longer clean, so I’m sure it’s not one of those “the bird didn’t know it was there” things).

This is the best shot I can get of (one of) these cardinals.  Clearly, I am not a good birder.

Recently, there’s been a super-loud piercing screech repeating throughout the day.  It made us want to claw out our eardrums with a dull pencil (or find the bird and get rid of it).  But then, Tuesday, I discovered a large bird perched on our front deck (he immediately flew off, or I would have totally taken pictures).  We’ve spotted him flying around here since, and a thorough wikipedia/youtube search has suggested that it’s a red-tailed hawk, which is pretty sweet.  Jason says, “I don’t mind the screeching now that I know what it’s coming from.”  And I kind of share those sentiments.

Also, did you know cicadas looked like this?  And were this big?  Nasty!  (I will admit to screaming and running out of the garden every. single. time. I see one of these.  I can’t get over it.)

Any bug that’s bigger than my big toe gets a big, fat “nasty” vote from me.

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  1. August 13, 2009 2:00 pm

    After seeing that last picture, all I can say is I’m glad we don’t have cicadas around here. Nasty indeed.

    I love the turkey and deer (and even the smelly cows) though!

  2. mom permalink
    August 16, 2009 12:37 am

    Are you hosting Thanksgiving? We could have our own private Turkey Shoot (I’ll use a camera, thank you). Winner gets to pluck!

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