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blue for Bridget

July 23, 2009

Jason’s sister, Bridget, and her fiance, Sean, are *officially* new homeowners as of yesterday afternoon! We are so thrilled for them, and can’t wait to see their new home when we visit in a few weeks!

So today I thought I’d compile my favorite blue rooms in honor of Bridget and Sean (blue is Bridget’s favorite color). And I also thought I’d enlist your help in providing some new home wisdom for them!

My advice? Don’t rush things. Take your time painting and decorating, and enjoy the process! It’s okay if all of the rooms in your house aren’t painted tomorrow… start with the rooms that you’ll use the most and work from there!  (My second piece of advice?  Make a budget for remodeling and stick with it – it is SO easy to just spend, spend, spend on a new house without even realizing it!)

(from sweethomestyle)

(from sweethomestyle)

(from sweethomestyle)

(from sweethomestyle)

(from Life In Grace)

As an aside, I love these turquoise cabinets and have been trying to convince Jason to let me paint our lower cabinets green.  He hasn’t given in yet, though, so they’re still white.

(from Domino)

(from House Beautiful via decorology)

Anyone else have favorite blue rooms to share?  What’s your advice for new homeowners (or anyone trying to create a functional and pretty living space, for that matter)? Ohhh!  I can’t wait to hear the collective wisdom from this group!

Best wishes, Bridget and Sean!  I’m sure you will make your new home every bit as cozy and beautiful as the pictures above!  We can’t wait to see it (and you!) soon!

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