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first night

July 7, 2009

With our lease almost up at the apartment we’ve been living in (because our only full bath has been completely torn up), we officially made the transition to actually sleeping at our little country home.  No more trying to fall asleep to the sounds of the intramural fields out the window or hearing our neighbor get into arguments at all hours of the night because he, “[expletive] would never [expletive] do that to one of his [expletive] boys [expletive].”  No more living at two residences!  No more driving 1/2 hour to get from apartment to house.  Sounds relaxing, yes?  Well, just to keep it real, here’s what the place really looks like:

(note that I carefully edit most photos on this blog to make myself look much cleaner, neater, and more organized than I really am!  ha ha, tricked ya!)

Anyways, it was fantastic (as we expected it to be).  Despite the “organized” mess we’re rocking, there’s not much that isn’t great about waking up to birds chirping and deer marching through your yard.  Just about the only undesireable moment came in the middle of the night, when Barley Dogg heard some coyotes howling and decided to howl back.  And even that was slightly endearing, not to mention laughable (once my heart rate came back down to normal).  Does our dog really think he can take on a pack of coyotes?

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  1. July 23, 2009 10:17 am

    I’m jealous! I would love to go back to waking up to nature rather than traffic trains, and stereos. Enjoy it!

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